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    Finally got through to complaints team after 3 hours, 3 whole hours of my life wasted.
    Applied 18th Feb, processing since 16th March (already received 1 passport for one child but not the other). Told by complaints team that it was ‘examined’ on 16th March with no issues flagging and was told that it’s either been sent for printing(but couldn’t confirm) or it’s in a queue for printing but again couldn’t confirm.

    Anyone else had this issue with tracker not being updated to reflect what’s happening? Feel like I’m probably being fobbed of. Due to travel next Thursday & at my wits end.


    Mines still saying send documents, they were delivered signed for on the 8th at 10 in the morning so 3 weeks tomorrow.

    Not sure if it’s the tracker not updating or they’re just being terribly slow. Was advised on the phone it could be a glitch with the tracker not updating but think he was just fobbing me off.


    I sent docs to Bootle office on 17th March. They were received and signed on 18th March but the tracker still not updated almost two weeks now.


    Lazivity, I’ve had the exact same thing. Sent on 17th and Bootle received on 18th but both heard anything. I’ve called almost everyday since Wednesday. No help whatsoever.

    I’m considering booking a fast track appointment but again I’ve had conflicting advice. One advisor said I could go to an appointment without the passport, with an application withdrawal letter and another advisor said I have to write a withdrawal letter and wait for the old passport to be returned. Which could take 2-3 weeks. So frustrating.


    After a tricky and stressful passport renewal experience I have started a government petition. Please do sign it to help everyone on this forum:

    Reform UK passport application tracking and options to fast-track applications
    We want the Government to:
    1. Improve passport tracking information so accurate, detailed and real-time information is available online for all passport applications.
    2. Allow the option to fast-track any passport application (for a fee) for any reason.

    More details
    My recent experience of passport renewals has highlighted the need for the passport application system, and the tracking information provided to customers throughout the application process, to be overhauled.

    There is a lack of communication in the system, which can cause a lot of stress. In addition, there is a lack of flexibility in the system for existing applications.


    They updated the tracker on 31st March that they have received the documents and nothing since then. Just to mention this is my first adult passport so not sure how fast track thing will work in your case.


    I also sent my application to Bootle and my application status has been on documents received since 7 April and hasn’t moved at all. Is this normal? Timeline below:

    Application submitted: 9:33 on 23 March 2022
    Ask someone to confirm identity: 9:33 on 23 March 2022
    Email sent to person confirming identity: 9:37 on 23 March 2022
    Identity details received: 10:02 on 23 March 2022

    Documents sent to Bootle on 25 March 2022 with Royal Mail.
    Documents signed for on Royal Mail 28 March 2022

    Documents received at 10:27 on 7 April 2022

    thank you for the petition, I have signed it

    The chase

    My sons application tracker has been stuck on identity details recieved for over a month…no documents recieved details, despite the documents being signed for at beginning of April. Its not showing on his tracker. We are into 8 weeks now. Feel so helpless. We supposed to get call backs to help but no one ever calls back. We feel stuck and anxious about our upcoming holiday. 😕


    My partner sent her renewal off at begin March, we had to wait for form signed by registrar as booked in married name as go after wedding in June. It was signed for early March but not showing received until early April, she now panicking if 10 weeks from then as be middle of our honeymoon! been told about the upgrade service too but not price, this falls on Queens Jubilee week also 😳 still just says pending in tracker! My sons new one was only a few weeks.


    I’m in the same boat, but I applied on the 13th February.

    My pd2 form and passport were sent on the 24th Feb and registered as received on the tracker on the 3rd March.

    It took until the 4th April to move from “documents received” to “being processed”.

    My wedding is on the 28th May and the honeymoon is on the 31st May and I still haven’t had any more updates.

    My anxiety is through the roof and whenever I call all I get is, just wait a bit longer.

    It’s infuriating 😖.


    Just an update on my post. My application was approved on Monday, 2nd May and notified last night that my passport has been printed and is being transferred to the delivery supplier.

    It’s 6 weeks today since I submitted it. I hope that the rest of you also received good news soon!


    that’s good news then! I can’t work out if it’s so many weeks from when they receive or
    it gets processed on system, my partners has been about 55 days since the signed for it at office (but nearly month to go on tracker!) we are gonna rung the upgrade earlier if not received as will be shut for jubilee end of our week to apply! the lady said shouldn’t have had to wait this long already 😱


    Signed for 20th April tracker as of today still saying send passport. ( Durham)

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