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    Need some assistance, I applied for the my adult passport renewal using the overseas passport application form and sent via DHL from Nigeria. I am however having issues tracking the status of my application, the form I used is a generic form downloaded on the site for overseas applications so there is no unique application number I can use.

    DHL has confirmed the package (Form, old passport and supporting documents) as delivered over three weeks ago and the fee has been debited from my account over two weeks ago. I have not yet received any confirmation email acknowledging they have received my form and documents and I am getting extremely worried now as I am meant to travel in two weeks. Calling is of no use as they don’t seem to understand how overseas applications work.

    Please help, has anyone been in this situation? what number did you use to track?


    Hello Mo91,

    It’s interesting that you still need to use a paper form when applying from Nigeria (and that the application is costlier as well). I just tried it and whenever I pick Nigeria on the website, it directs me to download the form to apply as opposed being able to apply online and submit a digital photo.

    I’m getting the Durham PO office as the address to send documents to when I try, while you might have gotten another address at the time you applied. I’d say confirm which passport office was on the DHL package you sent and then ask the agent on the advice line if it would be possible to connect you with that particular office. Most of the times, transferred calls go unanswered and you’ll get the agent that originally answered your call back on the line, but I’ve heard of people getting through after trying many times. Normally, when the transferred call doesn’t get picked up, you’ll be offered a call back. The agent may state that it could take up to 24 hours to receive a callback but be prepared to wait many more days before you hopefully get that callback.

    I’d also fill an online enquiry, even though you don’t always get a reply to those. Forum doesn’t allow links to ne posted, so here it is with spaces (just remove the spaces in-between):

    https :// eforms . homeoffice . gov . uk / outreach / Passport_Enquiries . ofml

    I don’t think you should worry yet as you say that DHL confirmed delivery (and you’ve probably have proof of that). It’s probably just a matter of time before you hear from them and be able to track your application

    One more thing I should mention is that the application could sometimes get forwarded to another passport office, other than the one you sent the documents to (not sure about that)


    A couple of more tips that may or may not be useful:

    On the Durham thread in this forum, someone mentioned the phone number 01633 285 422 as direct phone number, but that was back from 2020 so I’m not sure if it’s still valid (+441633285422 in your case, calling from overseas). Someone else in the same thread mentions calling a direct number to the Liverpool office and being able to get more assistance than the general advice line (phone number 0300 123 1973).

    Another idea is to send a private tweet to passport office, if you’re on Twitter.


    Thank you Trent,
    I have tried calling again and the lady tried connecting me to the progress team but no luck so requested a callback. I also filled the enquiry form on Saturday waiting hopefully to get a useful response.
    Will try tweeting tomorrow, trying to be positive that at least one route will help.
    Will revert on progress

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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