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    Hi has anyone actually turned up at an office? Im in a strange situation the office have lost my sons documents i travel at the weekend and asked for upgrade but not sure they will do it as will say they dont have his documents im tempted that if by thursday I haven’t heard anything that i will go to an office and see if they will take his documents off
    Me and do it there??

    Has anyone actually just turned up and if so what happened??


    Understand if your with 48 hours of travel you will be seen. You can go to nearest office


    I went to the Peterborough passport office yesterday without an appointment to try and sort out my childs renewal passport struck in processing since 8th March. I got there are 8.45am and left with a passport in my hand at 3pm. So much stress and night less nights. We flight at 1pm today!!!!

    If you are flying within 48 hours and have been waiting more than 6 weeks GO TO YOUR LOCAL PASSPORT office. They will sort it.


    Was that the same office that was processing it? Im going to go on Thursday to london as thats only an hour away but liverpools the office its being processed at but i to have been told they can make passports at any office. How did you talk your way in?


    Old passport was at Liverpool. Peterborough contacted Liverpool to get it sorted. You can go to your nearest office. The staff work their way down the queue to see what your issue is! Very helpful and willing to help.

    There is a great facebook group thats so helpful – Passport chaos 2022

    If i hadn’t of joined that facebook group i would not have the balls to go down the passport office without an appointment and won’t be sitting in the airport now and would be £1000 out of pocket!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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