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    Hi all,
    I just want to post on here to give people hope, as there is so much media coverage on this at the moment which I think to be honest is a bit scare mongering and is likely to be making the issue slightly worse.
    I have recently sent off for two childrens renewals. I began the process 19th March, and all the identity checks were done on 20th March. I then didn’t post passports back until 4th April. My daughters went to Corby and was marked as recieved by the passport office on 12th April, my sons went to Peterborough and was marked as recieved by passport office 7th April. I then recieved an email from my sons passport on 10th April asking me to prove parentage (my passport is in my maiden name) so had to post of marriage certificate which I done that day. I then got the same email on 13th April about my daughters so luckily I had two marriage certificates I posted it off that day. These were never marked on the tracker as recieved but I knew from Royal Mail tracking they had been so just had to be patient. I got a little bit obsessed with reading this forum and news articles about the delays and was starting to convince myself the passports weren’t going to arrive as there is such a backlog. Then on 28th April I had an email to say my daughters was approved, 29th printed and delivered on 3rd May. Just had to wait for my sons, I was preparing to call up and fast track as only two weeks until we fly but on 5th May I got email to say approved, 6th May printed and due to be delivered tomorrow.
    I appreciate this is easy for me to say don’t panic now I have my passports but try not to read all the horror stories and I know there are plenty and try and trust the process as long as you have sent all the required information within the time frame they suggest you will get your passport back in time I’m
    Sure. Good luck everyone.

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