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    Passport applications submitted at the end of March for my son and daughter. Daughter’s was approved in 12 days. Son’s still is not. HMPO wrote to me on 3rd June to make a payment. I’ve been calling every day since then to make the payment. Every time I call nobody is can take the payment as they are working from home and they arrange for someone to call back within 48 hours to take the payment but they never do. Nobody who answers their phones can take a payment and nobody ever calls back!

    I keep telling HMPO that they have had my children’s passport applications since the end of March, that they processed my daughter’s in 12 days but they still have my son’s and my kids are due to travel on 23rd June.

    Any help or advice?


    Hi, are you far form your nearest passport office? I would probably be giving it one more try on the phone (it seems to be possible sometimes to be put through to the progress team but I am not sure if they can take your money) and then heading to your nearest passport office with proof of travel.


    If 48hrs b4 i would now turn up at the passport office. I fly Saturday and sent my daughters end of march too and im in same situation noone getting back. I plan to turn up at office Thursday if nothing sorted


    Our situation is almost identical to you
    sent off first child passport for our daughter, which is already back now
    sent our son’s child renewal same time and it’s been stuck in processing for weeks
    we’ve applied for upgrade last week, as flight is due on 23/06
    received an acknowledgement email but no one has been in touch to take payment yet, which makes me super stressed!
    we’re at least 2hrs away from the nearest office, which is Newport, but I can’t actually drive down and hang around all day coz we’ve got no one to watch the kids.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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