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    So I applied for a first adult passport on March 3rd. Sent initial documents within a week or two – the tracking moved to processing and then back to docs received. Then didn’t hear anything until June, where I received a letter asking for additional documents as the examiner had a query. This was after calling every other day for an update.

    I sent the additional docs Mid July with next day tracked. It never registered as received, even though I can see it was signed for.
    Kept receiving letters asking for docs, called every time saying I’d already sent them so they were like ok, it should register soon. Then found out they were withdrawing the application in a weeks time as they said they didn’t have the docs.

    I called again this week and explained and gave the post office tracking number. The guy I spoke to said that they never linked my docs to my application which is why there were delays.
    Called back today and they said there are no more queries, the docs have been linked and it’s now processing and I should receive a notification soon that it has been approved and will be sent to print, but couldn’t give me a timeline.

    Does anyone know how long this part takes? I have a trip planned in 3 weeks and would really like to go after having to cancel 3 other trips this year!


    Any updates on what happened?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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