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    So been following this last few weeks and thanks to those who posted advice and numbers.

    I’m over 8 weeks waiting and 2 weeks from travel now. I called yesterday and was given emails for my passports (2 in Durham 1 in Belfast).

    I sent emails over, got auto reply from Belfast but nothing from Durham. Is this normal? Or should I chase again tomorrow see if they got it?

    How long after emailing are people getting a response back? Do they confirm they are looking at it?

    Also 10 weeks is up 2 days before we travel, worst case and I don’t hear anything I plan to travel to closest being Liverpool. 1 passport is wife’s and other 2 kids, what docs do I need for the kids? Presume I don’t need to take them? Does my wife have to come or can I go for her?

    Starting to worry now 🙁


    I’m travelling on 13/7/22 my sons passport has been in the system since May, after two weeks of daily calls and no call backs I finally was able to upgrade today. However was informed someone will call me back within 24-48 hours to take payment of £101. I’m based in london however it’s been dealt with in the Liverpool office. I’m going to turn up next week Monday if I don’t hear anything, this is extremely stressful and worrying…. Calling daily staying on hold for 1.5 hours then getting cut off has been so frustrating. The only thing to do is wait and be persistent in calling. I was informed there working on those travelling sooner.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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