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    Im needing to renew my childs passport, but as we got back from a break yesterday, and we require it again in 7 weeks time, im unsure as to getting it back in time.

    A call to Passport Office tells me they wont budget from the ’10 weeks’ advice.

    This webasite seems to help but what are the number of passports used in the graph? be good to know how many people have provided passport information.

    As a side note; Does anyone have any concrete words anywhere saying that childrens passports dont fall into same ‘time extension’ category/problems as adults? My sons passport is for 5 years and 6 months but everything i read says the extra 6 months is ok as its below the 10 years maximum a passport can be, and the fact its a childs doesnt matter as it still under 10 years maximum.

    I read some airlines dont understand this and still apply the ‘5 years maximum’ rule to children… in error?

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