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    I messaged the passport office through twitter and was told my application is currently in examination. It’s been processing since 3rd June, does in examination mean it’s any closer to being completed?

    Thank you


    May I ask, when did you submit your application and which office is it at? I have no idea what this means, but hopefully making positive progress!


    Hi Claire,

    It’s a child renewal and was sent to Durham, here’s the progress,
    Application being processed 7:14am on 2 June 2020
    Documents received 9:17am on 1 June 2020
    Application received 1:37pm on 22 May 2020
    Application submitted 1:36pm on 22 May 2020


    Examination, it’s with the examination team, it’s with an examiner – means exactly what it sounds like. Verifying the documents you have sent which also includes getting information from other government departments.
    This is the very first step of the process.

    Extract from the email HMPO sent me:

    Your documents were received and allocated to an examination team on 02/06/2020.
    We are now waiting for your documents to be confirmed by the Home Office and we have no timescale for this process.

    Unfortunately it appears that you have not met the requirements for urgent/compassionate travel and we process your application as soon as possible.

    In response to the latest coronavirus measures relating to social distancing and necessary travel, HM Passport Office has reduced its staffing levels to ensure that these measures are followed. Applications and responses will take longer than usual.


    Thanks for your reply Anv1. So I’m guessing your still waiting? Really frustrates me that some are taking 3 days to be approved, this will be my child’s 3rd passport so I don’t understand why checks take so long nothing has changed. We fly in 12 days so looks like we’re going to lose our money ☹️


    I applied on 10/03/2020, the first contact i made with HMPO was on 02/06/2020.
    It’s too much of a coincidence the application was allocated to an examination team on 02/06/2020, in other words they had not even looked at it until i made the first contact.

    Even if they want to verify something they don’t need months, it’s just an excuse.

    Someone with a sob story or someone who can shout the loudest on Twitter get their application prioritised, rest of the applications remain at the bottom of the pile.

    Keep chasing on phone and twitter, good luck to you.


    Thanks Avi1, I’ll keep trying to chase, hopefully get some joy.


    Any news on your passport since been with the examination team?



    May I ask how long after the examination did your passport application get approved?

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    I applied for my new passport as old passport was out of date and ended in the skip when moving house, so i done the paper for and check and send at post office, passport office recievied it on 22nd of January, then yesterday the 25th i got a text saying they have it and ishould receive my passport by the 4th of april, PANIC HELP!!! Iput a letter in with application telling them i travel on the 15th of march i phoned passport office yesterday and they said it was with the examiner, everything shoulp be ok on application as i done check and send, do you really think it will take from yesterday being with examiner the 25th of January to the 4th of April?? Its a holiday of a lifetime am going on as dont have good health, it costs over £4000 for the 2 of us, seeminly after its with examiner it goes to get printed, any help appreciated 😊

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