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    Hi everyone,

    My current passport application is stuck on the documents received since 15th March. I need to go abroad in an emergency due to a family member falling ill. The only option I have realistically is to withdraw application and do fast track application.

    I wanted to know when I send my withdrawal of application letter how long does it actually take for my passport to come back?

    I’m reading many users on here sending their documents but its not updated as received for weeks.
    When I called they mentioned it takes 11 working days but forgot to ask, but i’m going to assume that will be after they have received the letter / checked it. So generally how long does this initial process take? I’ll have to send the application to the Durham office.

    Any advice will be appreciated



    Hi, I sent back for my documents last week and I’m still waiting so hoping it’s not too long cos of the stress and anxiety it’s causing me. I was told 11 days to read letter and then that I should get them back within 2 weeks so I’m guessing up to 4 weeks in total?
    If you have urgent travel for medical or compassionate reasons though I think you can place a request with the compassionate team?


    You can place a request on compassionate grounds for getting your passport approved faster.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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