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@Gemski91 I applied for an adult renewal online on 15th June and sent the old passport on 17th June guaranteed delivery, the post office tracking showed it was delivered and signed for at 8.09 on the 18th June. Not heard anything since and the application is only showing application received on 15th June 2020. I just called them and they will not give any updates or current expected processing times. He would only say that the application has been received but it is not showing updated on the application history, not sure how he knew this as he would not even take my application reference to check it. He said they will only look at escalating applications for official government business or compassionate reasons. I have flights booked in a week and I presumed 3 weeks was enough when I made the application but it looks like I might have to cancel them. Frustrating because there are people posting on here that have applied and sent documents after I did and they have received their passports back already. Don’t bother phoning they won’t give any information or even take your reference number.