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I would like to know why my application appears to be ignored by the Passport Office?
Applied on line 3rd June. Photo and form all accepted. They requested Old Passport be returned and took Payment on 3rd June.
Returned old Passport by Recorded Delivery 4th June. Passport Office acknowledged receipt 10th June.
11th June Passport being processed.
19th June sent a request via online for information, they say they reply in 24 hours.
23rd June no reply so called them. Were told exactly what we could see on screen, Passport being processed!
Received an answer to online form on 24th June saying exactly the same, Passport being processed.
Today 3rd July, still nothing! Called 3 times and each time after holding for several minutes automatically put through to call back system. We could not speak to them! So filled out yet another on line information form.
How do you get your Passport? Do they think because I am Scottish that I don’t need it? I have been in lockdown with my partner in Oxford since 20th March, staying safe to ensure we could travel asap. We are waiting to travel and have already had to cancel one ferry.