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I have been coming on this site daily and constantly refreshing the posts ha!
So thought I would help others out. We are due to fly on the 1st August and we thought our holiday would be cancelled. When the air bridges were announced my partner remembered his passport had ran out- our family of 4 passports were all due to run out every year for the next 4 years. We thought my partner’s was first.
He applied for his on the 22nd June and we had it back this week. It took about 2 weeks being sent to Peterborough.

On Monday I had a bit of a brain wave and realised my son’s had also expired. Within 10 mins of realising, I had applied, had his picture verified by a nurse and sprinted to the post office to send his passport. After finding this site, I have emailed, called, got my MP involved and tweeted!
Here is where we are at so far. I am impressed with the process at the moment but also in a massive panic about the fact lots of applications seem to get stuck at processing. I know it is a massive mistake on our part but I am sure a lot of you are in the same situation where we didn’t even consider that travel would be a possibility this year!
I find it crazy that air bridges were announced when the passport offices were obviously struggling. There should be some extra help given from the government!

We are due to fly 3 weeks tomorrow-

Just to add that our status changed to being processed about 15 minutes after I had a reply on twitter to say that they had added our travel date to our application.

Application history

Application being processed 11:01am on 10 July 2020
Documents received 6:19pm on 8 July 2020
Application received 10:37am on 6 July 2020
Identity details received 10:36am on 6 July 2020
Email sent to person confirming your identity 10:18am on 6 July 2020
Ask someone to confirm your identity 10:05am on 6 July 2020
Application submitted 10:05am on 6 July 2020

Can anyone give time scales on how long they were waiting at the processing stage recently please?