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Hi all just a quick update on my daughters renewal which was signed for at the Durham office on Thursday 2 July, it is still yet to be acknowledged on the system. I am due to travel on 1 August.

I DM’d HMPO on 3 July with our travel date and theY replied on 8 July saying they had added a note to the application. I emailed our MP yesterday who replied straight away saying they had escalated the situation and to contact them next week if no progress. So hopefully some positive updates soon. Both wet helpful.

I did everything a bit early but thought I’d do as much as I can not knowing how long it would take HMPO or my MP to reply.

Have found this forum really useful so thank you all.

As for the person who said stay local, we booked our holiday last year, were in complete isolation during lockdown, my wife didn’t see our kids for 4 weeks because of her job so think we are entitled to a holiday. We will be self contained in a villa and I’d rather that than stay local where idiots have little respect for social distancing or the UKs beautiful coastline by dumping rubbish everywhere which poses additional risks!