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Hi Guys,
Have found your updates and advice very helpful these past couple of weeks!

Waiting for first child passport (born in February) and two adult renewals (expired in April). Tried to be organised and apply in April but like most people delayed it as the online system advised (not an emergency).
Booked a holiday in September 2019 but assumed it would be cancelled when covid kicked off but it is going ahead and we can’t delay or cancel. Applied on 12th June and they’ve been in ‘application processing’ since 25th June.

Emailed my MP last week but yet to get a reply. Set up a twitter account to DM on there but no response (yet). Called the passport office this morning and waiting for complaints to call me back. I’m just wondering for those that had their applications marked as urgent, did you have special circumstances? The girl I spoke to this morning said that complaints were unlikely to do anything as it is ‘just a holiday’. I understand others have more urgent circumstances but I’m a doctor and my husband is a key worker so we are well due the holiday we paid thousands for last year, I just find the attitude I’ve encountered over the phone so far very dismissive.

Any further advice would be much appreciated!