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Final update since my last 6 days ago.

With my wife’s renewal being turned around within a week by Glasgow but no response from Durham whatsoever on mine I requested a call back and spoke to HMPO on Tuesday 7th July. The message then was “responses vary by office and you will hear.”

However the very next day things moved rapidly and full timeline has been:

New Blue passport received 13th July
Passport printed and sent 10:11pm on 8 July 2020
Application approved 9:57am on 8 July 2020
Documents received 9:02am on 8 July 2020
Application received 9:19pm on 28 June 2020 (signed for on 29th June)
Application submitted 9:19pm on 28 June 2020

So a call / callback may work as I have seen other similar reports on here

Good luck all