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I have been reading your posts with interest and wondered if anyone has any advice. I applied for an adult renewal via the post office digital check and send system on the 22nd June. I have not received any communication by email or text from the passport office with an update on progress, and when I use their tracking system I get the message ‘the details entered don’t match our records’. I have tried calling, emailing and submitting tweets and DM’s on Twitter but I can’t seem to get anyone at the passport office to answer why I keep getting this message when the PO have checked my details and said they are correct. It has been been 3 weeks since the PO submitted my application to Durham and I notice that some of you have had either your passport back within that time frame or can at least access a progress report. I to have flights that were booked prior to Covid19 and waited to submit my renewal until now thinking I would have enough time before I travel in August, but I am concerned about how long it will take now considering that I can’t even get an update…..has anyone else had the same issue?