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I am applying for a child renewal and due to go away next Thursday 24th July but we are stuck at processing as per below! I have DM’d on Twitter and spoken to someone on the phone but everyone keeps saying we can’t guarantee anything. I have emailed the Liverpool office (because this is the only email address I could find on these forums) today with proof that I booked the trip in February, well before Lockdown. Has anyone had any success doing this??? I am proper stressed out now!

FYI – I sent my docs to Durham but the person on the phone said the case had been passed to Peterborough

Application being processed 1:30pm on 7 July 2020
Documents received 11:52am on 7 July 2020
Use paper form to confirm identity 4:22pm on 24 June 2020
Email sent to person confirming your identity 4:21pm on 24 June 2020
Ask someone to confirm your identity 4:19pm on 24 June 2020
Application submitted 4:19pm on 24 June 2020