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Submitting our timeline as I was frantically reading these two weeks ago when it suddenly looked like our holiday was going ahead after all and we realised one of the passports had expired.

Submitted online 2/7/20 18:08
ID confirmed 2/7/20 18:42
Old passport sent overnight delivery 3/7/20, received Durham 6/7/20 (Royal Mail signed)
Old passport received according to HMPO 8/7/20 13:08
Application and photo approved 9/7/20 19:48
Passport printed and dispatched 13/7/20
Passport posted through letterbox 15/7/20

Very quick turnaround. We did not chase and there was no urgent option for travel before September option at the time we submitted, so we just put in a normal application. Every text along the way warned of longer than usual processing times, but we did not experience them. I hope everyone else is as lucky!