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My final passport application has finally been approved.

Contacted twitter and they are useless they said it was still processing as normal on 7th July. However on the Sunday 5th July i called and was put on the automatic call back list. They called 6th July and advised there was additional checks with the counter signature (I had 3 children passports he had signed but this one was pulled up for checks). So twitter staff was obviously wrong.

Requested call back from processing team 13th July but still waiting for this but my application was finally approved this morning.

Other applications times have been posted previously.

Application approved 9:17am on 15 July 2020
New photo received 12:06pm on 10 July 2020
Photo rejected 11:55am on 10 July 2020
Application being processed 12:23pm on 3 June 2020
Documents received 11:12am on 3 June 2020
Application received 9:46am on 26 May 2020
Identity details received 9:46am on 26 May 2020
Email sent to person confirming your identity 5:25pm on 23 May 2020
Ask someone to confirm your identity 5:20pm on 23 May 2020
Application submitted 5:20pm on 23 May 2020