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This timeline might be useful to anyone abroad. I live in France and sent my passport by tracked delivery. It took a week to get there and then another week for them to scan it in. Once that was started, it was a bit quicker, but it still took another two weeks for them to send it to me. Delivery was good. I could chose the time I wanted and follow the location of the courier on a map, so I knew exactly when he was going to arrive. It was signed for with a PIN, which seems much more secure. There’s also an option to pick it up, but the nearest pick up points are not nearby (and I live in a city!) so it’s better to be in when it arrives.

Passport received on 16 July 2020
Passport printed and sent 3:07pm on 14 July 2020
Application approved 11:35am on 13 July 2020
Application being processed 8:24am on 29 June 2020
Documents received 2:54pm on 26 June 2020
Application received 1:50pm on 9 June 2020
Application submitted 1:49pm on 9 June 2020

It’s a blue/black one. Sorry anyone hoping to still get a burgundy, I think they’re out!

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