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Hi all,

There are many reassuring posts on this forum so thank you!

I completed my application online on the 24th September and they received my old passport on the 27th. (Hemel hempstead office)

I have not had any further update yet (7th october). I am due to fly to cancun on 19th November and british airways require the api information 2 weeks before I fly (latest 5th november) so about 4 weeks left.

It is just a replacement passport application due to water damage. My damanged passport was only renewed in June.

I am worried that i won’t get the passport in time. Is there anything I can do if i don’t receive it closer to the time? Has anyone recently received thier passport and how long did it take?

Another concern is that I forgot to sign my old passport (under the picture) before returning it, does anyone know if this will cause a delay the applicatoon in anyway?

Thank you in advance for any information.