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    Another encouraging post.

    My husband realised on 25th May that his passport had expired and he was going away 19th June. We dithered about fast track v normal application, but on line is so much easier that we took the risk and it looks like we will be OK.

    Printed today (a Sunday) after application was submitted on line evening of 25th May. They probably actually received the old passport 27th May, so passport was printed 16 days after the documents were actually received, 10 days after they were logged as received, and this with the jubilee weekend in the middle. As long as TNT is OK (fingers and toes crossed), should receive it middle of the week, so less than 3 weeks after application.

    Good luck to people who are worried. I filled in the survey on the “Manage your Application” page last week and e-mailed the upgrade team (no reply) and sent a message to the twitter team asking them to note travel date on file (no reply) so have no idea whether any of those actions made a difference!

    Application history (adult renewal)

    Passport printed 10:43am on 12 June 2022
    Application approved 2:14pm on 9 June 2022
    Documents received 7:38am on 2 June 2022
    Application received 7:29pm on 25 May 2022
    Application submitted 7:28pm on 25 May 2022

    Armchair General

    First adult passport.

    Passport delivered 8 June 2022
    Passport printed 2:06pm on 4 June 2022
    Application approved 12:26pm on 1 June 2022
    Documents received 9:51am on 26 May 2022
    Application received 5:11pm on 12 May 2022
    Identity details received 5:10pm on 12 May 2022
    Email sent to person confirming your identity 4:39pm on 10 May 2022
    Ask someone to confirm your identity 3:48pm on 8 May 2022
    Application submitted 3:48pm on 8 May 2022


    Adult passport – Renewal

    Passport delivered 28 June 2022
    Passport printed 27 June 2022
    Application approved 24 June 2022
    Documents received 17 June 2022
    Documents sent 13 June 2022
    Application submitted 11 June 2022

    Altogether 2.5 weeks

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    Quite worried about by passport renewal application, especially reading how quickly others have received theirs on this site. Applied online on 28 April, but then couldn’t find my old passport, even though it’s always kept in the same place (still a mystery – still not turned up! Getting suspicious of the dog….). So had to report it lost, wait for a reference number, then write BY POST ONLY (?!) to the Hemel Hempstead passport office, which was all completed within 1.5 weeks of application. Didn’t get an acknowlegement of receipt until 23 May, over two weeks after having posted letter. Since then there has been no progress. My tracking information still says ‘we have received your old passport’ (I’m assuming they mean my letter). It’s been at that stage for 6 weeks now?? I can’t get any useful information from HMPO, and I have travel planned for 15 July! (a rescheduled concert from 2020 that I wasn’t going to bother going to but at last minute decided to try, and applied for passport with 10 weeks grace – but of course this got scuppered by not finding my old passport). Is it worth me turning up at the Hemel Hempstead passport office and waiting to be seen? Any advice – or do I just have to ride the stress wave and hope for the best?


    Hi this is number I called 03001231973 I chose option 8 and then option 3. They were really helpful with my application. tell them you need to speak to progress team as they’re the only ones who can progress your application hope this helps! Good luck


    My timeline below, adult renewal.

    Passport delivered 2 September 2022
    Passport printed 1 September 2022
    Application approved 31 August 2022
    New photo received 31 August 2022
    Photo rejected 30 August 2022
    Documents received 18 August 2022
    Application received 16 August 2022
    Application submitted 16 August 2022

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    Hi all,

    There are many reassuring posts on this forum so thank you!

    I completed my application online on the 24th September and they received my old passport on the 27th. (Hemel hempstead office)

    I have not had any further update yet (7th october). I am due to fly to cancun on 19th November and british airways require the api information 2 weeks before I fly (latest 5th november) so about 4 weeks left.

    It is just a replacement passport application due to water damage. My damanged passport was only renewed in June.

    I am worried that i won’t get the passport in time. Is there anything I can do if i don’t receive it closer to the time? Has anyone recently received thier passport and how long did it take?

    Another concern is that I forgot to sign my old passport (under the picture) before returning it, does anyone know if this will cause a delay the applicatoon in anyway?

    Thank you in advance for any information.


    I’ve posted in the general discussion also, if anyone has had a delay of over two weeks between their documents being delivered to Hemel by Royal Mail (or other courier) and marked as received on online tracking, please post there.

    Mine were ‘delivered’ on the 30th Nov, I’m aware of one more case where documents were ‘delivered’ on 28th Nov and neither have been acknowledged/scanned on the system yet.

    If I can find any similar cases we stand a greater chance of someone taking the enquiry seriously to find the lost bag of mail…


    Same here – foolishly I sent my daughter’s passport to HH by 1st class not tracked on 6th December – as we renewed 2 passports thro HH in spring, both in about 3 weeks when demand was higher, I assumed things would go quickly but we’re now on 23rd and still nothing on the tracker to say her old passport has been received!! Lots of other stuff posted at the same time was delivered within a couple of days !! As were supposed to go away on 21st Jan and I can’t imagine much will happen over the next two weeks I’m getting a bit twitched !! Doesn’t help as we cant even check in for flights online without her passport !!


    I posted my passport using ‘Signed For’ on the 3rd of December, it was finally delivered to HH on the 23rd December. Even with the strikes and Christmas post I was surprised it took 20 days to even reach HH.

    It is not yet showing as received in the tracker but what with the holidays I guess that’s not too much of a surprise.


    Message from HH at 930 this morning (29th) to say documents received and further message less than an hour later saying approved and gone for printing – that’s just over 3 weeks since old passport was posted 1st class – hopefully new one should arrive shortly


    Also just received notification that the documents had been received and the passport approved. Looks nice and prompt from the passport office, the big delay was with Royal Mail getting my passport to them.


    Passport has now been printed and ‘will be transferred to our delivery supplier in the next few days.’


    I think their tracker is a bit out ?? Documents supposedly received yesterday and application approved – passport printed at 0059 this morning but, surprisingly, it arrived thro the door this morning about 11!!! So, just over 3 weeks from application to receipt, which, considering Xmas post, royal mail strikes and Xmas break isn’t too bad


    Hi everyone,

    We sent our sons passport, late November, confirmed delivery by UPS on 5th December but we are receiving no updates despite calling them and being advised it would be updated within 24 hours, our application is quite pressing due to living abroad (because of laws in this country regarding registering newborns) and they are aware of this.

    Just wanted to know other peoples experiences currently as my worry is they do not have/have lost the documents and I am going to have to replace birth certificates, marriage certificates and everything else. Or has anyone managed to contact the hemel hempstead office directly to check whether they even have a record of it being received? I even have the name of the person who signed for it!

    I am not too fussed if there is just delays, it is the fact they can’t even tell me they have it despite telling me each time it will be located.

    Thanks for any help!

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