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So, beginning of last week, I sent an email via the online messaging service to HMPO, referencing my PEX number. I gave our travel dates. (1st August 2020).

HMPO Liverpool phoned me back, asking me for flight evidence as my adult renewal was being processed there. It’s worth noting everyone, that where you send your expired passport to, actually bears no relevance to where the processing is being done!

I emailed and pushed a few times. The people I spoke to were all very polite and pretty understanding. I had booked travel in June – so not before lockdown. They never asked me *when* I made the booking. Only flight info.

Just now awaiting courier delivery, following yesterday’s update.

Passport printed and sent
5:24pm on 17 July 2020
Application approved
12:46pm on 16 July 2020
Application being processed
1:31pm on 10 July 2020
Documents received
11:49am on 6 July 2020
Application received
10:02am on 26 June 2020
Application submitted
10:02am on 26 June 2020