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Child and Adult – Renewal

I thought I would share my experience with HEMEL HEMPSTEAD office as it happens, as I have been finding comfort reading everyone else’s reviews and hope this helps someone else.

Both applications were done online. Photos taken by myself using a free passport photo app.

I sent my children’s old passports via next day special delivery service (I paid more than regular signed for service as this is not guaranteed next day, but I am a little desperate because we have March 9 booked for travel. So I wanted to make sure Royal Mail doesn’t mess me up with additional days delivery times).

Both applications had a different passport office address to send the documents to but I read that you could send all documents together to any address given (chose HH – not sure why) to keep the applications together as family application. Useful if you are needed to send 1 document for 2 separate applications. My excuse was that I was then just paying 1 postage cost for sending 2 old passports.

Posted Documents: 17 January
Delivered at HH: 18 January

So far this is what I have:

Application received 8:23pm on 16 January 2023
Identity details received 8:23pm on 16 January 2023
Email sent to person confirming your identity 4:30pm on 16 January 2023
Ask someone to confirm your identity 4:17pm on 16 January 2023
Application submitted 4:17pm on 16 January 2023

Application received 11:58am on 16 January 2023
Application submitted 11:57am on 16 January 2023

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