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Hello everyone! I recently applied from the U.S. for my first UK passport along with my mom, who was born in the U.K., and my two siblings. We mailed all of our supporting documents in one mailer but within separate manila envelopes clearly labeled with our respective names and PEX reference numbers. However, while my siblings and I received confirmation that our documents were received on the exact same day and time (January 12th at 7:06AM NYC time), my mom still hasn’t received the same email about her own documents. Has anyone experienced this before? I reached out to HMPO via email about a week ago and they said to just give it more time but it seems odd because all of our documents were within the same mailer. Additionally, my sister received an email asking for us to send our parent’s marriage certificate but didn’t ask for any of her other documents (e.g. birth certificate) which leads me to believe they actually do have my mom’s documents. I might call them this week if I don’t receive any update but it’s fairly expensive because I live in the U.S. so I would appreciate any tips if someone has experienced the same thing – thanks!