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Hi Tito2023,
Glad they have said they are “investigating”. When i was chasing my child’s old passport, all I got was “call back” advice (first was “it’s only been 7 days, can’t investigate yet so call back when it’s 8 days”. Called again when on 9th day and was told “give a couple more days- maybe after the weekend, try to call again”). The most frustrating part is knowing they have it because the adult one in the same envelope had already been scanned in on the 7th day. So it didn’t make sense why not the child’s one too. No explanation as to why they do this, only a pre-rehearsed reply of “Call back again”. Drove me up the wall.
Funny thing was, when I followed up later in the day on the 9th day, I was told that it said on their system that they have the child’s old passport as received but I told the person on the helpline that I did not get a txt or email to confirm this. She just said maybe it will update in the next couple of days. Low and behold it did the following day as I received a msg to say they have received it.
Frustrating and it Doesn’t make sense. Don’t ask!!
Anyway, 5 days (3 working days) and counting and I’m just here waiting again for the next update…

Satisfied with the adult renewal process so I’m a little hopeful.

However, Good luck to all of us is all I can say at this point.