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    Hi Tito2023,
    Glad they have said they are “investigating”. When i was chasing my child’s old passport, all I got was “call back” advice (first was “it’s only been 7 days, can’t investigate yet so call back when it’s 8 days”. Called again when on 9th day and was told “give a couple more days- maybe after the weekend, try to call again”). The most frustrating part is knowing they have it because the adult one in the same envelope had already been scanned in on the 7th day. So it didn’t make sense why not the child’s one too. No explanation as to why they do this, only a pre-rehearsed reply of “Call back again”. Drove me up the wall.
    Funny thing was, when I followed up later in the day on the 9th day, I was told that it said on their system that they have the child’s old passport as received but I told the person on the helpline that I did not get a txt or email to confirm this. She just said maybe it will update in the next couple of days. Low and behold it did the following day as I received a msg to say they have received it.
    Frustrating and it Doesn’t make sense. Don’t ask!!
    Anyway, 5 days (3 working days) and counting and I’m just here waiting again for the next update…

    Satisfied with the adult renewal process so I’m a little hopeful.

    However, Good luck to all of us is all I can say at this point.



    Passport Printed 9:00am 6 February 2023
    Passport application Approved on 5 February 2023
    Documents received 2:37pm 27 January 2023
    Delivered at HH: 18 January
    Posted Documents: 17 January
    Application received 8:23pm on 16 January 2023
    Identity details received 8:23pm on 16 January 2023
    Email sent to person confirming your identity 4:30pm on 16 January 2023
    Ask someone to confirm your identity 4:17pm on 16 January 2023
    Application submitted 4:17pm on 16 January 2023

    Passport Printed 5:00am 31 January 2023
    Passport application Approved 10.01am on 30 January 2023
    Documents received 11:50am on 24 January 2023
    Delivered at HH: 18 January
    Posted Documents: 17 January
    Application received 11:58am on 16 January 2023
    Application submitted 11:57am on 16 January 2023


    Congratulations Mumof4
    I can say I’m just waiting no more updates from Hemel Hempstead. I called them several times and they always said wait for 7 days and try again and till now I haven’t been acknowledged that the documents have been received by them.
    I’ll keep waiting still more 6 weeks to complete the 10 weeks.


    Hi I have applied first adult application from overseas on 10th December and I send my supporting documents send to hemel. documents received acknowledgement on 28th December. After that tracking was quite no more update if any one having the same experience please quide me how to take it further.


    Hi Tito.

    We have gone to local MP now as we have been waiting 10 weeks with them not even acknowledging receipt of our documents and not giving us any advice on how to proceed so we can get a passport. Then suddenly we received a ‘your documents have been received’ email the day after a call from MP but when we call they can’t say if they’ve been uploaded or actually found (I am sure they are lying and it was to tick a box to say they’ve done something and they’ve still not found them).

    My advice is calling does nothing, they lie to you and will fob you off continually, contact your local MP and ask them to contact on your behalf + raise a formal complaint with the office.


    Hi JDean
    Thank you for your update.
    The only point makes me not to contact my MP is the 10 weeks haven’t been finished. As of yesterday it’s 5 weeks since I got the update from Royal mail.
    I’ll wait a couple of weeks then I’ll contact my MP.
    Could you please send an update once your application approved?
    I appreciate your attention.


    Hi Tito,
    Thank you. I am glad it’s over because you really are very much at their mercy. I cannot believe in this day and age their telephone lines advisers cannot even help – really what is the point of them answering the phones, if they can’t even contact anyone internally who can provide a little more information to help unusual cases such as documents not being scanned in way past delivery time? Useless!

    I was going to do this, if mine did not progress better after 2 weeks; I was going to write and file a complaint to the address my documents were sent to; making sure to include the PEX reference on the address label (same as when you sent your documents) My sis in law did this when her child application was messed up and they seem to have taken notice of her letter of complaint and hers showed progress within days of her letter. Worth a shot since you are still waiting for the 10wk mark to go to your MP.


    Hi Mumof4
    Thanks for your attention.
    I’ll try to write something to Hemel although it’s not an official HMPO. It’s a sopra steria office and I believe they are just responsible for documents scanning.
    I’m afraid if I write something they will take it as an evidence that I haven’t sent the correct documents:D


    Hi Tito,
    Oh I see your predicament. I can just imagine how awful it is right now for you.
    I was pulling my hair out with my applications and yours is dragging much much worse than mine ever did, so good luck and I hope you get it sorted soon.

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    Hi Tito,

    So a quick update, after repeated pressure from our MP they apparently found our documents at a different office on 11th February then did not send them to the correct office until the 19th February. We have now been advised the documents will be located in the correct office and the process started so hopefully it is coming to a close, though I must say as has regularly been the case they called my wife 2 days ago to say they’d find them and upload them then call her back the same day but never did.


    Hi All
    Finally I have been acknowledged for my son’s application, I wish it can be progressed fast.


    So i applied for an adult first British passport to the passport office in Hemel Hempstead. Documents Signed for and received by royal mail on 21st March 10:25 am. But the delivery point shows delivered at Home counties North DO now my concern is why wasnt it delivered to the passport office and the receiver who signed is actually someone st the delivery office or its collected from there already🙄🙄 and if there are others in the same boat as me as my husbands and sons passport applications are in Corby and they have been delivered to the passport office. Just a bit concerned.


    Can someone please helppp I was requested to send mine and my mums birth certificates for my sons first passport I had to order these express service so they where together the price of the passport, as soon as I received I sent guarantee next day signed for delivery.
    They where signed for the day after and proof is on tracking yet it’s been over 2 weeks and it still hasn’t been scanned on to the system is there anyway I can contact them directly every time I ring the other number I just get told give it a day or 2 that’s all well and good my nerves are shit my anxiety is through the roof worry if I’m going to have in time for the holiday and yes it was well over the 10 weeks they advise at the time of the application first being submitted: bare in mind I applied from a replacement adult and child passport because they where lost a renewal child passport and a first child’s passport all where recurved within 10 days this is the only application they have asked for additional documentation for from first applying this is nearly 6 weeks since I first applied I know it says 10 weeks but the fact it’s been over 2 since I sent further documents is worrying me what if u need order new documents


    Any update on this? just trying to gauge their turn around times.


    Sent my wife’s passport and documents on Saturday 22 July to change her name (overseas application). DHL confirmed delivery on 24 July and she already received confirmation today from the PO that they have received her documents.

    This is a marked contrast from when she sent her application for her first British passport to the Durham office (i know we could have changed her name at the same time but we wanted to keep it simple). On that occasion it took over 2 weeks to receive the confirmation that her documents had been received.

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