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Hi Tito,
Thank you. I am glad it’s over because you really are very much at their mercy. I cannot believe in this day and age their telephone lines advisers cannot even help – really what is the point of them answering the phones, if they can’t even contact anyone internally who can provide a little more information to help unusual cases such as documents not being scanned in way past delivery time? Useless!

I was going to do this, if mine did not progress better after 2 weeks; I was going to write and file a complaint to the address my documents were sent to; making sure to include the PEX reference on the address label (same as when you sent your documents) My sis in law did this when her child application was messed up and they seem to have taken notice of her letter of complaint and hers showed progress within days of her letter. Worth a shot since you are still waiting for the 10wk mark to go to your MP.