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Can someone please helppp I was requested to send mine and my mums birth certificates for my sons first passport I had to order these express service so they where together the price of the passport, as soon as I received I sent guarantee next day signed for delivery.
They where signed for the day after and proof is on tracking yet it’s been over 2 weeks and it still hasn’t been scanned on to the system is there anyway I can contact them directly every time I ring the other number I just get told give it a day or 2 that’s all well and good my nerves are shit my anxiety is through the roof worry if I’m going to have in time for the holiday and yes it was well over the 10 weeks they advise at the time of the application first being submitted: bare in mind I applied from a replacement adult and child passport because they where lost a renewal child passport and a first child’s passport all where recurved within 10 days this is the only application they have asked for additional documentation for from first applying this is nearly 6 weeks since I first applied I know it says 10 weeks but the fact it’s been over 2 since I sent further documents is worrying me what if u need order new documents