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Update on our situation (post 18/01):

The application was approved and passport issued on 27th Jan and is now safely in hands ahead of the trip!

Final timelines if useful to others:

– 12/01/22 – application made
– 13/01/22 – posted old passport
– 14/01/22 – Royal Mail confirmation of receipt
– 20/01/22 – confirmation application is in progress
– 26/01/22 – application approved
– 27/01/22 – new passport posted
– 28/01/22 – new passport received

Total time 16 days. Key times of note:

– physical receipt to acknowledgement of receipt / processing = 6 days
– confirmation of processing to application approval = 6 days.

There was a bit of hounding over phone calls throughout the process – no idea whether or not this made a difference. Generally speaking though the average times on this website were more or less bang on, and the guidance E posted by others of 7-10 days from date of processing was also bang on. Hoping that this means those posting above will get theirs back in plenty of time.

Thanks for all the guidance on this thread. Definitely relieved some of the nerves!