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    I getting my passport tomorrow which has been I progress for about just over a month so I over the moon I can travel now this forum has helped


    Does anybody have any advice in putting an application to withdraw a passport please? I have had two different pieces of advice from passport office 1) post the handwritten letter to Durham 2) email the letter – however no one can give me an email address? Any ideas? Passport is currently at Durham.


    Hi Guys,

    I received my passport 28th October but have not yet received my old passport back. I need it back as it has my USA visa’s inside which i need for travel in December. Any suggestions as to when i should get this back?



    That’s a really good point. We are still waiting on our old one too


    Hi all,

    I sent my passport off to the Durham office and it was received and signed by them on the 29th November. The status still says I need to send them. Is this normal? They never answer me.

    As I live abroad, unfortunately I can’t just go to their offices. Any help is greatly appreciated


    From what I’ve seen, Durham is acknowledging documents within 7 to 10 days. Hopefully they’ve acknowledged yours by now.

    Documents for my child renewal application were delivered on the 16th of November, and were acknowledged on the 23rd


    His everyone. Does anybody know if the 7-10 days mentioned above for acknowledging receipt of the passport at Durham is still typical? How long are people finding the approval process is taking once it has been confirmed as received?
    Finally, are people finding that the their renewal times at Durham are broadly in line with the averages quoted on this website, or are you finding that they take longer?
    Got a holiday coming up and getting to the crunch point as to whether or not to cancel. Royal Mail state it was delivered Friday (14th Jan) and it’s still not showing as received (18th Jan). Trying to work out likelihood of getting it back before we’re due to fly on 13th Feb


    Similar situation , sorry can’t help , send mine on the 12th January updated on the 19th January to say received but nothing else – we meant to be going away the 18th February.
    Not even sure what passport office mine is at. How do you find this out?


    Not even sure what passport office mine is at. How do you find this out?

    It’s on the address you sent the documents to


    Same situation, sent my application off on the 28th of Jan, sent my passport on the 30th, Royal Mail delivered it signed for on the 2nd of Feb but my passport tracking is still saying send old passport, meant to be going away on the 6th of March, has anyone had any acknowledgment after the 7-10 days as said above ? I’m starting to panic about this passport


    Update on our situation (post 18/01):

    The application was approved and passport issued on 27th Jan and is now safely in hands ahead of the trip!

    Final timelines if useful to others:

    – 12/01/22 – application made
    – 13/01/22 – posted old passport
    – 14/01/22 – Royal Mail confirmation of receipt
    – 20/01/22 – confirmation application is in progress
    – 26/01/22 – application approved
    – 27/01/22 – new passport posted
    – 28/01/22 – new passport received

    Total time 16 days. Key times of note:

    – physical receipt to acknowledgement of receipt / processing = 6 days
    – confirmation of processing to application approval = 6 days.

    There was a bit of hounding over phone calls throughout the process – no idea whether or not this made a difference. Generally speaking though the average times on this website were more or less bang on, and the guidance E posted by others of 7-10 days from date of processing was also bang on. Hoping that this means those posting above will get theirs back in plenty of time.

    Thanks for all the guidance on this thread. Definitely relieved some of the nerves!


    Posting here as I found the forum helpful.

    I’m planning to book a flight for next Tuesday which is why I applied but hadn’t booked before this and only sent 1 DM on twitter due to the delay in saying documents received.

    Applied and posted documents – Friday 21st of Jan
    Received docs – Monday 31st of Jan
    Approved – Sunday 6th of Feb
    Printed and posted – Tuesday 8th of Feb

    No update for being processed, just jumped straight through and this was an adult renewal.

    Will update again when I receive if anyone is bothered but going to book the flight based on the delivery times of all here.


    Passport came today, one day after saying it was being sent! No tracking or anything from tnt, just turned up!


    I’ve called and emailed to see the updates on my passport, as my old passport got delivered on the 2nd of Feb, the lady on the phone was quite rude and shut me down quickly when I asked for help regarding my passport, she said I need to wait 8 working days before I ask for help, on here I see people are saying it takes around 7-10 for Durham to acknowledge their passport so that works out to 8 working days, I’m just worried that nothing is happening with my passport, it’s been 8 days since I sent it and still no update. I don’t want to keep bugging them for updates, does anyone have any advice ?


    Here is mine. Hope this helps someone

    Application history
    Application approved 7:44am on 18 February 2022
    New photo received 11:56am on 17 February 2022
    Photo rejected 10:42am on 17 February 2022
    Documents received 11:34am on 10 February 2022
    Application received 6:10pm on 30 January 2022
    Identity details received 6:09pm on 30 January 2022
    Email sent to person confirming your identity 1:08pm on 30 January 2022
    Ask someone to confirm your identity 10:44am on 30 January 2022
    Application submitted 10:44am on 30 January 2022

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