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    How long has it taking from being processed to approved and then printed and delivered ? Ours have been in the process for over a week but I’ve seen it’s taking weeks in this stage sent to Liverpool!


    I’ve sent a child’s renewal to Liverpool on 9th august and had nothing other than docs received.
    Have you had any update ?


    I sent ours on 20july ,documents received 22 July then went to being processed 10 days ago and nothing since


    Has anyone had their adult renewal within 3 weeks..? I’m getting pretty depressed now we are due to fly on 22 Sep application form done on 23.8.21 and passport sent on 26th August still nothing.


    Have you heard anything else? I’m due to fly on the 28th sept and they received my docs on the 3rd sept


    Ours took 7 weeks from application to receiving them . We sent our sons off after ours and it’s been nearly 4 weeks and not had them back yet


    Applied online 30th Aug and they received my old passport on the 3rd Sept.
    Had email on the 22nd in the morning saying I’m approved and then another email in the afternoon saying that the passport had been printed and sent out via TNT.
    It took 24 hours before I could track the tnt delivery and it says the delivery will be on the 25th Sept.


    Sent sons online renewal application on 8th Sept posted passport which they logged as received on 14th September. Travel date is 16th October. Yikes

    Despite what others are saying you can’t expedite things. I’ve spoken to 2 different call handlers after about 90 mins in call waiting. Both extremely polite etc but no way of hurrying along. Can’t get old passport back quickly so he can go to an ‘in person’ appointment – well we can get it back but it will take about 10 days by the time they’ve received and processed the request to withdraw that application as has to be in writing.

    So looks like my son won’t be going on holiday, unless by some miracle, they get a wriggle on. It’s so frustrating that you can’t swop to a fast track.


    Jooplie feel your pain. My passport had to be sent as even though it expires mid 22 it was issue end year so isn’t with in the ten years. I now can’t go on holiday and no one can help me to stop me losing thousands. I see some people have had luck but it seems impossible.


    Oh @nuttytart I’m so sorry. If it’s not too late it’s worth holding on the line to speak to someone. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that i eventually spoke to a call handler yesterday who said they really couldn’t help, only to find that today it’s been reviewed and approved.



    Im on day 33 now on waiting passport – bar one passport!! due to go on holiday on Sunday 17th with as it stands leaving my partner at home. Online application completed, literally been at a standstill no update since 22nd Sept!
    Rang over 10x to passport offices, and completed all emails re enquiry. to be told, “you’ve just got to wait it out” – first lady i spoke to reduced me to tears with her horrible manner and “nothing i can do attitude!” 2nd lady call back was really nice, said she couldn’t promise anything but sent an email to peterborough. Even wrote on twitter for a helping hand they responded but nothing further with an answer!
    cant pay for the upgrade to drive and collect 6 hour round trip, can cancel my application, cant report as lost – they wont give me any of the details of the old passport which they have recieved,
    my stress levels are through the roof – anxiety is at a new level!
    annoyingly – sons renewal came back within 10 days but partners hasnt moved and 1st lady stated – doesn’t matter if your all from the same house and send them at the same time they are all dealt with differently.

    going on holiday for a wedding with 29 others and just one with no passport!!
    anyone got any ideas or suggestions or numbers or emails i can call, currently not sleeping with anxiety!!


    I have received my passport this morning and I wanted to share my wait times below.

    Hope this is helpful!

    London application:

    Passport printed and sent 10:17am on 12 October 2021

    Application approved 7:22am on 12 October 2021

    Documents received 12:25pm on 21 September 2021

    Application received 11:28pm on 12 September 2021

    Application submitted 11:27pm on 12 September 2021


    Hi just wondering how long passport renewals are taking week commencing 27th September many thanks



    My passport was received on September 30th and was approved this morning 21/10.


    Which passport office was this at? TIA

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)
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