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    I got approved today after I done another photo how long before I get the passport as I got my flight booked for next weekend


    Hi all!
    After a bit of help if possible. I sent my application 3 weeks tomorrow off and they recieved documents 2 weeks this past Sunday.
    Just wondered if anyone can give me some help at all to when I may recieve my passport please?
    It was sent to Liverpool.
    Thank you all


    Hi Kate, I applied and submitted my application on the 8th of October and they received documents 18th October. Only took 15-16 days for approval and got my passport sent to me on the 5th of this month. Seems to be an average wait of 20 days or so when documents are marked as received. Sent to Bootle. Adult renewal.


    Thank you so much foe your reply!
    Very stressful as need passport as form of ID in order to start my new job! 😑😑
    Fingers crossed something happens this week!


    kates1988 I am wondering that too. Our documents were recorded as received 2/11 (Bootle) and it changed to “application being processed” yesterday.

    Based on what I have read, it looks like they are approved about 21 days after documents are received at the moment.

    When did yours change to “being processed”?


    Mine haven’t changed from we’ve recieved your documents!!!! 😪😪


    Kates1988 you could send a DM on twitter a and ask them to note on the application that you are travelling on xxxxx. I did that because although my son is not travelling, I need the passport to get a new provisional licence before his test at the end of the month as he has lost his licence.

    Our details so far are:
    Documents submitted 28/10
    Documents received 2/11 (was actually 29/10, but they take a few days to log)
    Application being processed 8/11

    I told the person on Twitter that he was “travelling” 21/11.


    Thank you for advice, however I don’t have twitter 🙈🙈 suppose I’m just going to have to sit and wait!


    Application submitted: 29th Sep
    Application received: 7th Oct
    Documents received: 7th Oct

    Photo rejected: 27th Oct
    New photo submitted 27th Oct

    No news since and it’s nearly been 4 weeks since my rejected photo and 9 weeks since the start of my application.

    I’ve tried calling the hotline and waited 1 hour, spoke to the manager and was told they couldn’t do much – Only placing a note on my application to help expedite the application as I’m travelling soon. I’ve applied well in advance but am travelling on the New Year.

    Does anyone have an idea how long it takes to process a new photo?
    Meanwhile, the office keeps sending emails saying “submit your documents” otherwise ignore as well as send in your original passport.

    Has anyone had documents rejected?
    I’ve just sent an additional bucket load of documents incase they lost them. It’s making me very anxious because I will need to travel and this has very bad knock on effects for every single booking I’ve made.

Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)
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