Anyone else waiting 6+ weeks for return of documents/foreign passports?

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    Final update from me: I received my supporting documents back, nine weeks after my British passport was printed and eight weeks after it was received (13 weeks after application). I had paid extra for secure delivery, but the documents were sent via ordinary Royal Mail and pushed through the letterbox (despite living in a block of flats, which I know is a no-no for ordinary passport delivery).

    I did not receive any notification in advance. Per the tracking information, they were posted yesterday. No idea if this was linked to my increasingly angry complaints – the last of which I made on Sunday, specifying that I don’t need another callback from customer service, I needed someone in Peterborough to physically find and post the documents.

    There were two barcoded labels on the envelope with my name and address – one for Royal Mail, and one general. Not sure if this is an internal barcode, or it was supposed to be for TNT and this was physically out of that stack and mailed via Royal Mail instead.

    I am curious if I get any further callbacks from the passport office (no one responded to my last call, or my last written complaint) and if they even know they’ve mailed the passports back. My naturalisation certificate was crumpled and dissheveled. I might have cared about that six weeks ago, but at this point it’s the least of my problems….

    Glad this clusterf*ck is over! Good luck to all who are still waiting for the return of their documents.


    I’ve been following this as I had my sole foreign passport retained as a support doc for my infant’s first passport and it was really stressful. We missed our first holiday as coupled with the initial delay to get his passport there was then delay in returning documents meaning it was actually the delay in return of support docs that caused our cancelled plans.

    Son’s passport was finally received 5 May and supporting docs are (allegedly) being delivered tomorrow by Royal Mail so about double the 10 days they should be returned in. I paid for secure delivery.

    I chased online, by phone (painful and lots of dropped calls when passed to the so-called progress team) and put in requests via the complaints tool the latest was last night.

    Unlike previous posters we did today get an email from Royal Mail which says our supporting docs will be delivered tomorrow. Fingers crossed.


    I’ve ordered another marriage cert from the GRO as they still have mine and wasnt sure when I would get it back , I want to take it away with me, so I just ordered another. Not worried about old passport.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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