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    I am wondering about the stages that my adult renewal will go through, and when I’ll know which stages are involved.

    Here’s the progress so far:
    Application history
    Documents received 2:52pm on 25 April 2022
    Application received 6:27pm on 28 March 2022
    Application submitted 6:26pm on 28 March 2022

    So it’s been at ‘documents received’ for over a week. I understand that the next stage is either ‘Application approved’ (if it’s all following the automated route) or ‘Application being processed’ (if it needs manual attention).

    How quickly will I know which way it’s going to go?
    And does anyone have any idea of the difference in wait times for each of those two stages?

    Many thanks!


    I think at this stage it’s anyone’s guess – hopefully they are working hard to knock down the back log – but I suspect it’s a case of it will happen when it happens I am afraid. You’re right about the digital route and the updates around that so be aware requesting a call back can be enough to knock your application off the digital route.


    From what I’ve seen, if it was going to go to processing (manual route) then it will change to it a lot faster, usually within about a week of documents received (as long as they’re not waiting for anything else from you).

    Pretty much all the other times I’ve seen people wait 1-2 weeks after documents received it’s gone straight to approved.

    The change to “processing” doesn’t mean they’re actually processing it, it just means it’s been put on the pile to go to manual processing. Where as there’s no “gone to digital processing” update, you have to just wait for the approved so it might seem like it’s not moving.

    I’d say currently the wait is 2-4 weeks digital and 8-10 manual depending on what they need from you and whether they transfer it internally.


    My son’s child to adult renewal has been moving along pretty quick and went from “Documents Received” to “Approved” in 5 days. You are correct regarding the different pathways between “Approved” (online) and “In process” (manual). I was dreading the latter, but feel I can breathe a little bit easier at the moment, but I will not feel completely at peace until the passport is physically in my hands.


    Both myself and my wife recently went for our passports, it took about 6 days for mine to be approved after Documents received, 16 days in total from applying to recieving the passport, same as the wife and shes due hers today.


    I am on week 16 now of my waiting !! My application for my renewal was received on Jan 14th and shows as “Your application is being processed” since March the 8th. I am an expat that works abroad, I had to return to the UK on an Emergency Travel Document as my renewal passport hadn’t reached me in time and so my passport expired (I applied in time for the processing times to deliver it). I am now back in the UK have been for over a month now waiting for my passport, I cannot return to my home, work or family until I receive my renewal and have been told by my emloyer if I’m not back in the next week I also loose my job. I’m at a loss, trying to get through to the 0300 number is not only near impossib;;le but also costs a fortune in telephone calls being put on hold and then being told to try calling again later.


    Ours went to Processing the day after documents were officially received. I’m assuming this is because one document needs to be used for both applications. Fortunately we are not waiting on them for travel, as they sat on the documents for 4 weeks before acknowledging receipt and have been in processing for 3 weeks now.


    Has anyone had a short wait between ‘application being processed’ and ‘application approved’? This thread has pushed me close to the edge with worry.

    Application being processed 2:56pm on 19 May 2022
    Documents received 5:07pm on 12 May 2022
    Application received 8:50pm on 28 April 2022
    Application submitted 8:50pm on 28 April 2022


    I’m on a very similar timeline to you for my daughters passport, it’s been sat on “in process” since May 11th, I’m preparing myself for a long wait. We travel in August, i just hope it’s not too long


    @schpilkers please let me know if you get any movement.. I’ll do the same. Also, which office is yours at? Mines at Newport


    Application history
    Application being processed 5:13pm on 8 April 2022
    Documents received 1:05pm on 8 April 2022
    Application received 12:24pm on 16 March 2022
    Identity details received 12:24pm on 16 March 2022
    Email sent to person confirming your identity 9:01am on 16 March 2022
    Ask someone to confirm your identity 8:52am on 16 March 2022
    Application submitted 8:52am on 16 March 2022

    This is for partners first passport, we fly june 20th. Starting to get worried now.


    Will do. We’re Hemel.


    Thanks. Will do, we’re Hemel.


    Does anyone know if there any any updates between documents received status to when it is approved?
    This is my current timeline, hoping to see a change very soon 🤞🏻

    Application history
    Documents received 6:02pm on 9 May 2022
    Application received 9:28pm on 23 April 2022
    Application submitted 9:28pm on 23 April 2022


    Looking for some advise, Submitted daughters first adult passport on April 8th been in processing since April 28th, keep seeing the average days from this site decreasing to around 35 days, I’m now on day 44, I allowed the 10 weeks but is there anything I can do for progress, I don’t even know where my daughters passport is being processed, any advise appreciated

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