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    Hi everyone,
    We got our daughters first passport today after waiting 13 weeks.

    Our MP was really helpful and took her application to the walk up desk in Parliament twice and I think this is what finally got it done.


    3 first child passports applied for on 24/04/22 no progress since 25/05/22
    Documents sent signed for 28/04/22 but only uploaded on system on 25/05/22 so saying this is the 10 week
    Have now expidated the passports as travelling on 31/07/22
    Has anyone got theirs before they travel – now panicking
    Emailed passport office, rang, emailed MP not sure what else I can do, the passport applications are in Belfast have even offered to fly there to pick them up – no repsonse.


    My daughters first passport was examined, approved, printed and made available for collection all on the same day. They even moved it from Durham to London (which is our closest office). My MP was the one who got it all going. They went to the walk up desk in Parliament twice for us. So maybe keep on at your MP.

    Ours took 13 weeks in total.


    We have been waiting for my grandsons passport it is 11 weeks now and we fly next week!!!

    My Daughter in Law is currently sat waiting outside the Newport Passport Office, and to get to the Newport office she has had to travel by train from Southampton.

    I can’t understand, looking at different items on this website, especially all of the adults saying it was easy and they were receiving them back within 4 weeks – why does the passport offices not work in date order?? People saying that they applied in June and have already received them doesn’t seem fair. It is just the HMPO’s way of meeting their SLA of 10 weeks but it is not a true representation, the figures that they should be showing is how many people applied in March and how many of those people’s passports have been sent out, then show the figures for subsequent months, this would be true SLA figures.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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