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    I’m from Northern Ireland and somehow my passport needed to be sent to the Liverpool office.
    I made my application on the 2nd June, sent my old passport and it was marked as received by them on the 15th June and since then I’ve had no update on the tracking. Has anyone had a similar experience?
    I’d of thought by now it would go into the processing stage. I have a feeling come the 10 week mark it will still be the same.

    Foster Twelvetrees


    I’m on (roughly) the same time line and office.

    Applied on line 9/6/22
    Docs sent 13/6/22
    Doc confirmed as arrived by Fedex 16/6/22
    HMPO confirmed as recieved 21/6/22


    I am now 12 weeks since I applied. 11 weeks since royal mail said the old passports arrived but only 9 weeks since the passport office says they received them. I fly in 2 .5 weeks but cant do anything until I pass the magic 10 weeks. I am worried sick.


    Same for me. I feel like my application has dropped into a black hole.

    Application history
    Documents received 4:13pm on 31 May 2022
    Application received 4:34pm on 23 May 2022
    Application submitted 4:34pm on 23 May 2022


    Chase them, repeatedly. They did nothing with my application for 8 weeks.


    For an application from the Philippines – Child Renewal – I’m sure you’d be interested Foster12trees.

    Application approved 1:33pm on 1 August 2022
    Documents received 4:13pm on 26 May 2022

    I think that’s about 9 weeks from them receiving the docs and approving the application. I got an SMS and email saying they will update when it’s ready for dispatch so there must be more events to follow.

    I didn’t chase.

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    Update to the above:
    Passport printed 10:03am on 2 August 2022


    Waiting on an adult renewal here. Applied online, sent to Bootle office.
    App Sent: 08/07/2022
    Old passport received: 14/07/2022

    Heard nothing since. Would be a bit more understandable if the application assessment/approval process had begun and that was what was slowing things up, but it’s frustrating that mine doesn’t appear to have even been looked at yet!


    I’m waiting for a child renewal.
    Applied online and sent to Newport.
    Application has not been updated since “we have received your old passport”.

    Applied on line 27/04/22
    ID confirmed 05/05/22
    Old Passport sent 09/05/22
    Old Passport confirmed as arrived by Track and Trace 08:26 10/05/22
    HMPO confirmed as received 18:49 20/05/22

    So according to HMPO it’s been 10 (nearly 11) weeks, but it’s actually been 12.
    We’re a family of 4 travelling on 12th August and we’re all pretty worried.
    I sent an email to the expedited service email address as soon as I was able, but other than the automated response have heard nothing. I’ve called the helpline who have said they can only suggest emailing again and marking the email as 2nd request, which I’ve done.

    Does anyone have any other advice or tips?


    I’m experiencing a similar delay in updates.

    Applied online from New Zealand to replace a lost passport, due to travel to UK on 31/08.

    Application history

    Identity details received 7:46am on 11 July 2022
    Email sent to person confirming your identity 6:55am on 11 July 2022
    Ask someone to confirm your identity 6:33am on 11 July 2022
    Application submitted 6:33am on 11 July 2022

    So it’s been over 3 weeks (which is nothing compared to what a lot of people have experienced, I’m sure!) so you’d hope that I’d at least get an update that the process has begun?

    Foster Twelvetrees

    Thanks for the update Andy, I’m glad to hear your passport is on its way. I’m a couple of weeks behind you, so hopefully I will hear something soon.

    Thanks again for feeding back.


    An update on my post from yesterday.
    Called the helpline again this morning who confirmed that an ‘engineer’ had been assigned to look at the application and that it was being processed in Durham despite sending documents to Newport? Maybe this accounts for the 10 day difference between Track and Trace delivering the old passport and HMPO acknowledging receipt?

    And then…finally some good news!
    An update this afternoon: Application approved 2:15pm on 4 August 2022
    Now it’s just the printing and posting.
    Andy767, your post has given me some hope that I could get a passport printed notification tomorrow! Fingers crossed. Has yours been posted yet?


    My docs were received on 14th July and I’ve heard nothing since.


    I got a text today from them expecting it to be an update, nope! It was the exacty same text I originally received weeks ago saying they had received my documents 😫

    I’m sorry you are all also going through this. Do they just empty all the applications into a big bucket and pick at random 😅 because this no update business is honestly not good.
    I respect those who are working there but they should process them as they come in which is very annoying.


    I did the Survey on the status page yesterday – within an hour my application was approved.

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