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    Hi all,
    I am applying from within the EU to get my passport renewed.
    It seems that the documents were received on May 5th and, 3.5 weeks later, I am still being asked to send them…

    I saw in the ‘experiences’ section of the website that some people waited 3 weeks if they were overseas. But I haven’t seen anyone wait longer than that. So I guess after this Thursday I should become worried.


    Nawa, you are certainly not alone in this situation. We are in Spain and my son’s passport application was submitted on May 4th, and I am still getting the generic message “Please send your documents” every time I check on the tracking portal, although the old passport was sent and has been delivered on May 9th (according to Royal Mail). I called HMPO last week to enquire and I was quoted a 6 week delay for passports to be scanned before they can be processed by a case worker. We have our flights booked for the UK for July 6th, and I am starting to resign myself to the idea that we will miss our departure.


    Ours took 4 weeks (from overseas). We phoned as we had yet another “please send us your documents” message though this one also said if they hadn’t arrived by [date] they would cancel the application. Got put through to Processing who made notes on the file and took tracking details and then we got acknowledgement they were received a few days later.

    Singapore Don

    Online Application completed 24 April 2022
    Passport sent by registered mail from Singapore on 26 April ( as local courier company sent back passport as they refused to carry passports!)
    Registered post acknowledged received by HMPO Durham 30 April 2022
    Application history
    Now in printing
    Application approved 6:05am on 28 May 2022
    Documents received 8:36am on 24 May 2022
    Application received 12:22pm on 24 April 2022
    Application submitted 12:22pm on 24 April 2022

    Not sure how long it will take to print, send back through DHL and to be delivered to me in Singapore. Hope DHL does not screw up on pick up or delivery delays


    Hi, I am in the same situation as yourself, sent old passport from within the EU by DHL, on 5th May signed for in the Durham office on the 6th May still not received by Durham and e-mail asking for old passport to be sent, i called the help line today and was informed no help can be provided until i get mail stating passport received.

    Crazy situation, I’m lost for words at this stage, you cannot use fast track service when abroad so its only luck that will get us through this nightmare, i will try calling the help line again next Monday.

    Singapore Don

    Richie, You should be front of queue now. 6 May plus 24 days ( give or take a few days for Sundays, as I think they do work on Saturdays) means your envelope/passport will be opened and matched to the online application) very soon.
    Approval after documentation received normally comes in 2 days, then passport goes to printing. Most people have reported printing done quite fast, but you never know. Return overseas is apparently by DHL ( domestic is by TNT). Hopefully we get DHL tracking number and can chase DHL if we don’t get new passport fast

    Singapore Don

    For those overseas stuck waiting for renewal passports and urgent travel coming up soon:

    Do note that the local Uk High Commission/Embassy can issue an Emergency Travel Document within 2 to 3 working days. But it is for a specified journey only and you have to pay for it, albeit you can claim a refund if you are applying because your renewal has taken longer then HMSO promised ten weeks.

    Onw warning fo those planning a trip to USA . The ETD comes without a chip, so USA wont issue an ESTA for the UK ETD you get, and then you have to apply for a US Visa at your local US Embassy and the shambles there are worse than what we are facing with HMPO- some Us consulates have 700+ days wait time for a visa!!

    Singapore Don

    Do those who applied from overseas, get a DHL tracking number, and if so, from DHL or HMPO?

    My email from HMPO just says
    Your new passport has been printed.
    What happens next
    We’ve sent your new passport by secure delivery.
    Your old passport will arrive separately and could take up to 3 weeks to arrive. It won’t be in the same envelope as your new passport.

    No tracking number in the email, and no tracking number received from DHL too

    Alao, does anyone know where the passports are printed? Perhaps a call to DHL in that town might get me the tracking details from recepient name/address


    I applied with overseas and got a TNT tracking number. It says that it was signed for at ‘Durham, UK’ but unfortunately doesn’t specify HMPO.
    And are you sure that those of us whose documents arrived on the 5th will finally pass the dreaded ‘Send documents’ stage? It seems as if it will never continue….


    Thanks very much Singapore Dan, appreciate the warm advice, your have certainly cheered me up and put my mind at ease

    Appreciate the post 👍


    Reply to #Singapore Don, good news, I’m a step closer, old passport received by the passport office 1/6/2022 👍 your calculations were spot on.

    Good Life

    Hi everyone. I am also an overseas applicant (EU). I have been following the forums for several weeks now.
    My timeline is as follows :
    “Application submitted” online 12:19 28th April 2022
    “Application received” 12:19 28th April 2022
    (Old passport posted on 29th April and tracked as received by HMPO Durham on 4th May 2022)
    “Documents received” 15:48 24th May 2022
    I was half hoping that once the documents received stage has been reached that everything will be plain sailing however it just seems to be sitting there (I appreciate that there are others who have been or are in a much worse situation).
    Any advice or reassurance would be very grateful from anyone reading my post.
    Would anyone know what the next step is likely to be…and roughly how long? Also, if there is any liklihood of going straight to the application acceptance stage from the documents received stage ?
    It’s tough not being eligible for fast track. Also even tougher having to bear the brunt of an extended Bank Holiday weekend.

    Singapore Don

    @Goodlife. In non complicated adult renewal cases approval is 2 days after received – mine was even done on a Saturday at 6:05am

    Singapore Don

    @Richie. Hopefully 2 days to approval then it goes to print almost same day, gets printed in day or 2. Unless case is complicated and they need more information. I think most adult renewals with old passport submitted have no issues

    In my case. After “ we have dispatched your passport” no news, no tracking number from DHL ( I think they use TNT for within UK, DHL for overseas ( may be TNT for within EU,may be DHL for rest of the world not sure). May be it will show up at my doorstep without any tracking number details

    Good Life

    @Singapore Don. Thanks for the reply. I hope you receive your documents very soon. I guess it is still a worry until you actually have it physically in your hand! In my case, I was told by one of the customer services team that my renewal application was uncomplicated…so goodness knows where it is in the queue now!

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