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Passport taken a lot longer than crowd sourced average

Passport taken a lot longer than crowd sourced average

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    My first adult (overseas) passport application has been in place since July 7th.


    Phew! New Passport finally delivered today 14 August by DHL to my home in France after 49 days.


    63 days and counting since I submitted my application.

    Travel in 14 days.
    Have had to call the passport office today… awaiting a call of some sort? Praying I get my passport sorted this week.


    Day 30 Now (first British passport) waiting for a call back to organize an online interview.


    Application submitted online 2/8/21, last update 4/8/21 “Old passport received” nothing since. Anybody got any clues?


    @jonnyboyh24 I submitted mine about a week before yours (28/07/21) – it’s been approved and printed (on the same day) and is due to be delivered on 20/08/2021 according to the TNT tracking website. It went to the Peterborough office.

    Adult renewal:
    Passport printed and sent 1:33pm on 18 August 2021
    Application approved 9:47am on 18 August 2021
    Documents received 9:51am on 3 August 2021
    Application received 11:06pm on 28 July 2021
    Application submitted 11:05pm on 28 July 2021

    I called on 13/08/2021 to say that I was looking to travel on 28th of Aug, but hadn’t booked anything in case the passport wasn’t delivered on time. The, very helpful, operator said as it was an adult renewal, there’s no reason why it should take longer than three weeks. He said he’d add a note to say I am looking to travel, in case that would help speed things up (so not sure if it was a coincidence, or if it would’ve been the same timeline…).

    So judging by my timeline, I guess it’s just under 3 weeks from ‘documents received’ to delivery… IF it arrives on the 20th. Will try to keep you posted.

    Best of luck with yours – maybe try giving them a call if you need it soon… you’ll be on wait for a while though.

    Take care,
    S 🙂

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    Thanks safes. Fingers crossed. If I don’t hear anything back by Monday I’ll give them a ring.

    Hope you receive yours on the 20th.



    my old passport was received/ scanned on the 6th July 2021 at Liverpool but I am yet to hear anything at all. I was hoping to go away on the 8th September but I am now thinking this is unlikely 🙁 any one have a similar time frame to myself?


    It arrived on the 20th 🙂

    alice1995, you should definitely give the passport office a call to see what the hold-up is. You can mention you are hoping to travel soon and need the passport ASAP. They added a note to my application to escalate. I understand different passport offices have different wait times but hopefully you get yours soon!


    Hi saffs

    Mine arrived on the 23rd. Thank you for your replies, it really helped.



    Brill, hope you manage to get away somewhere soon! 🙂


    I agree……. This website, from my viewpoint is misleading at the very least. A simple renewal is now into it’s 5th week, and when I phoned the ‘Helpline’ they informed me it was still not in the ‘being processed’ stage. I travel in 2 weeks time and I don’t have any confidence in the Passport office delivering beforehand. I asked if I could have my old passport back so I can go to Newport for a quick fix and I was told that I had to write (a letter) in person to the office that has my passport and request that it be returned. I’m not sure if the passport system realises that it’s 2021, but a letter, really??

    Lastly….. I live 15 miles from Newport, but my passport is being processed in Glasgow, so where’s the eco logic there??


    I assumed that the number of days is WORKING DAYS, and for me it was 2 days off if this were the case

    Passport printed and sent 11:19am on 7 October 2021
    Application approved 8:47am on 7 October 2021
    Application being processed 2:37pm on 10 September 2021
    Identity details received 5:55pm on 6 September 2021
    Email sent to person confirming your identity 12:54pm on 1 September 2021
    Ask someone to confirm your identity 12:48pm on 1 September 2021
    Application submitted 12:48pm on 1 September 2021



    Hey all,

    Just thought to let you know that for my 1st adult application the processing time from application to passport delivery has been less than 1 month (and not 7 weeks as originally advised by HO).

    Does anyone know when/how the original documents sent are being returned?

    Actual times:

    Passport delivered by TNT 11 November 2021
    Passport printed and sent 3:19pm on 8 November 2021
    Application approved 9:46am on 7 November 2021
    Documents received 11:50am on 18 October 2021
    Application received 12:56pm on 13 October 2021
    Identity details received 12:56pm on 13 October 2021
    Email sent to person confirming your identity 12:37pm on 13 October 2021
    Ask someone to confirm your identity 12:27pm on 13 October 2021
    Application submitted 12:27pm on 13 October 2021

    1) TNT deliver 8am-8pm – you need to be in to sign for delivery and they do not advise est. eta whatsoever.
    2) Original documents are to be delivered separately. Do not know when or how. If anyone knows, please share!



    Taking longer than crowd-sourced average currently, because the average is increasing. Results are, by their very nature, about a month behind reality…
    When averages drop, most will be pleasantly surprised, as they may get it earlier than expected.

    That said, the Passport Office does use a concrete mixer as a filing system..!

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