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    Anyone know how long passports are with the examiner? I rang yesterday and that’s what I was told. I need it in just over 5 weeks and worried they will need my marriage certificate, even though I asked them to link my application which the woman said yesterday they would do


    Hi, I’m hoping there has been Passport progress for you and you have it now! How long was your passport at the ‘With Examiner’ stage?

    My daughters renewal has just gone into that state…. And we leave for a holiday in 1 week!! 🙁

    I know every case is different, but I’d be interested in your timeline.


    I started application 16th feb and joined the processing queue / examiner queue on Monday 8th March. No further progress. I phoned today but it’s still waiting on examiner


    i called today and was told same for my mrs application. Online tracking shows documents received on 2nd march and they said its with examiner since 3rd march. Her application went to liverpool and mine to bootle. I received my passport yesterday.


    Sadly still haven’t received it. It’s awaiting examination now


    Are you still waiting? Im freaking out too..

    we fly on 29th March :-O

    Child renewal
    Application Submitted- 18th Feb
    Docs Received -7 March (I posted on 23rd Feb)
    Application being processed – 11th March


    We’re having the same problems, we submitted my daughters first passport application on the 29th Jan and it’s been ‘being processed’ since the 25th February, I have made at least five calls and each time I’m told the same thing; it’s in its final stages of checking and will then be sent to print, we have had to cancel our trip to see family that we haven’t seen in 3years. I hope you have more success then us.


    On 01/03/22 I started the process of 1 child new passport and 1 child renewal. I sent the link to my friend however the link did not work she received an error msg. I tried to resend but I kept receiving an error msg.

    I called the office and was told to wait for a call back. The call back took 10days. During this call I was asked to provide a cover letter to explain I have parental responsibility for my children. Provide documents such as old passport for renewal and birth certificate for new passport. I was also asked to complete countersigning which I explained I couldn’t do. They received and updated my documents on the system fairly quick.

    I called back again 3days later and they said I should go to post office complete only section 10 (countersigning) submit two photos.

    The following day they’ve update the status on 18/03/22 to say “currently being processed”. I called again and they said it’s with examiner.

    Once again the information the provided was incorrect. I should have been asked to complete a page 1 countersigning. Not one from a post office.

    I am really annoyed the application is being delayed because they can’t give me the right information in the first instance.

    Who knows how long it will be “processing” for and i fly 06/05/22


    Mines been processing since 24th Feb with no further update.. every time I call they just say I have to wait the 10 weeks, so stressed 🙁


    I applied on 3rd February and have been processing since 7th March. I have phoned twice over the last week and it’s been waiting on an examiner both times I called.


    hs99 – when did you apply for your passport? Ten weeks for me will be 14th April. So incredibly frustrating.


    lisam1988 I applied on 14th Feb, my documents was recieved on 23rd Feb and its been processing since 24th Feb. It really is frustrating 🙁 no one helps when you call either


    Hello all, just wondering if any of you have had any luck with yours yet? I’ve applied for my daughters first child passport 26/01, docs received 21/02 and apparently is being looked at by an examiner since 24/03. Does anyone know how long this examination process can take? Need it for 4 weeks time😬


    Hi all!

    Kind of wishing I didn’t discover this website and its fourm! Haha!

    Here’s my timeline for a replacement of a damaged passport after our dog decided to use it as a chew toy!

    Application submitted: 17 Feb 2022
    Passport recieved at Peterborough (via Royal mail tracked): 18 Feb 2022
    Documents Received: 28 Feb 2022
    Documents sent to Durham: 3 March 2022
    Application being processed/waiting for examiner: 11 March 2022

    Our honeymoon is booked for the 16 May, so hoping we’ve got plenty of time.

    Just starting to worry, as i’ve never gone through the dreaded ‘application being processed’ wait. We got told the 10 week time scale start from when they recieved at Durham on the 3rd, adding essentially 2 weeks onto the wait.

    Would love to hear any sucess stories after going into the ‘processing’ stage!



    My application has been processing since 7th March after submitting my application on 3rd February. I have been told they can’t do anything to help until 10 weeks after I submitted the application – nothing about that 10 weeks starting from when the office officially receive it – if I ever get that line I will not be accepting that. HMPO website does not give timescales for them marking documents as received so my 10 weeks is starting from the day I submitted the application.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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