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    @zAndy1 – show off! (Only kidding!) 😉

    Woah – finally I can breathe now, been a few frustrating weeks but passports finally approved. One sent and I guess the other will be at some point this week. So should have both by next week. (5 weeks since application submitted online for a simple child and adult renewal)

    Will post my timelines when I get them.

    Anyone due to go on holiday soon – have fun, enjoy! And forget about all the passport stress!!! You derserve it!! 🙂


    @zAndy1 how? Which passport office? Who did you bribe? What sexual favours did you dispense?

    I might quote your turn around time in my complaint about the handling of my application, since I’ve been told its going to take another 5 weeks for my standard renewal, which puts it precisely 1 week after the absolute latest date I require my passport for and which I have told them multiple times, thanks HMPO. Can’t tell if its incompetence or maliciousness.


    @JL lol, applied using the post office digital check and send and it’s a standard adult renewal. Don’t know if the fact I applied through the post office made a difference but I’m amazed how quickly it’s been processed


    Received old pp


    I have applied to renew my British National (Overseas) passport online because my passport will expire this year and I need it to prove my identity overseas.

    I submitted my online application on June 21, 2020, and mailed my application on June 30, 2020. It was signed as received on July 3, 2020, but so far the HM Passport office at Liverpool has NOT updated its status to document received nor being processed. It is already one month from the actual arrival.

    I heard from some other discussion forums in Hong Kong that some applications arrived between July 8 and July 13 are being processed now.

    What happened?


    Childs Renewal – postoffice Check & send – Sent to Newport

    7th July I applied by post office check & send (just after govt announced we are allowed to travel)
    15th July HMPO had received passport application.(9 days after sending)
    Between 15th & 28th July had messaged twitter a few times & got update emails from their tracking page found out my passport was at newport.
    27th July called the passport office & requested call back, got call back & asked to be put through to complaints dept.
    28th July ( 2 weeks before travel- travel 11th Agust) requested the application to be expedited with evidence I booked travel before covid
    28th July emailed my local MP
    29th July got expedited application rejected because I don’t fit the criteria of application being with them 4 weeks (which i wouldn’t because we were advised not to apply before the 4th July because before that it was essential travel only.)
    29th July received text saying due to delays passport could be up to 6 weeks.
    1st August Old passport turned up
    3rd August New passport arrived – Yay

    So a very Stressful 27 days with a lot of mis-nformation from different departments – but it came a week before we are due to travel!


    Has anyone up north of scotland got there passport delivered by that useless shower of ****ards TNT?


    Has anyone had any experience of the London office? My sons passport was sent originally to Petersborough but has now been sent to London.


    wow – finally both passports are in hand – cant believe it – I keep looking at them to make sure this is all real! Flying in 13 days so no more stressing…and the adult renewal took longer than the child renewal

    Application history – adult renewal – 38days
    passport received 4th August 2020
    Passport printed and sent 30th July 2020
    Application approved 29th July 2020
    Application processing 8th July 2020
    Documents received 6th July 2020
    Application received 28th july 2020
    Application submitted 28th july 2020

    Application history – child renewal – 34 days
    passport received 31st July
    Passport printed and sent 28th July 2020
    Application approved 27th July 2020
    Application processing 14th July 2020
    Documents received 10th July 2020
    Application received 28th july 2020
    Application submitted 28th july 2020


    Which offices were these @sprajax1 ?

    I seem to get a different answer every time I call it’s infuriating!


    Hi all, after the man at the passport office telling me to cancel that was at the time 9 weeks away I have recieved my passport today with a just under 3 week turn around.
    Luckily I held off cancelling although due to covid it may not be going ahead now but none the less it’s there if i can go!

    I only made 2 calls one to cancel my expired lost passport and the other about time scales which was before I applied.

    Great work and timescale I’m seriously I pressed and stupidly relieved!

    Good luck all.

    Passport printed and sent10:44am on 3 August 2020
    Application approved6:07pm on 31 July 2020
    Application being processed1:55pm on 16 July 2020
    Identity details received10:00pm on 14 July 2020
    Email sent to person confirming your identity5:22pm on 14 July 2020
    Email sent to person confirming your identity5:22pm on 14 July 2020
    Ask someone to confirm your identity5:19pm on 14 July 2020
    Application submitted5:19pm on 14 July 2020


    Big phew!

    Ok so once you meet the escalation criteria everything moves quickly.

    We moved to an escalation yesterday afternoon and the passport is being delivered tomorrow approved and printed this afternoon and now available to view on tnt tracking website.

    I have made a complaint as it seems barmy that applications from the same family made online are split up.

    Just like when you add a named driver on an insurance renewal surely to “add another” application should be made available and the stress on talking to the help desk where you get a different version of progress depending on who you talk to is infuriating and stressful. I rang twice daily and tweeted daily not sure it helped but it was the only thing I could do..

    In saying all of the above we are relieved 😅

    Time line (Newport)
    Passport printed and sent. 6 August 2020
    Application approved. 6 August 2020
    Application being processed. 27 July 2020
    Documents received. 24 July 2020
    Application received. 9 July 2020
    Application submitted. 9 July 2020

    Good luck to those with everything crossed.


    Really want to be able to travel soon, but don’t have any firm/urgent plans. Just wanting to vent and share my pain a little 😀 while waiting for any news about my application.

    Coming up to 7 weeks processing:

    First adult passport
    Registered/Naturalized in March but put off applying for passport until June due to covid
    Documents sent to Peterborough

    Application being processed 9:43am on 22 June 2020
    Documents received 10:45am on 17 June 2020 (They were actually received on the 11th, from tracking)
    Application received 6:24pm on 9 June 2020
    Identity details received 6:24pm on 9 June 2020
    Email sent to person confirming your identity 7:48pm on 8 June 2020
    Ask someone to confirm your identity 7:35pm on 8 June 2020
    Application submitted 7:35pm on 8 June 2020


    Passport has just been delivered – very happy!!!

    Here is my timeline
    Application history

    Passport printed and sent 10:53am on 5 August 2020
    Application approved 10:09am on 5 August 2020
    Application being processed 10:01am on 3 August 2020
    Documents received 8:05pm on 24 July 2020
    Application received 9:32am on 22 July 2020
    Application submitted 9:31am on 22 July 2020

    I have to say I have emailed, rang and dm’d on twitter. Everyone I have spoken to have been mega helpful. I found the best time to ring was at 9am in the morning. I didn’t qualify to have my passport escalated as i didn’t apply longer than 4 weeks ago, which was my fault I didn’t check the expiry date on my sons passport. So this is a normal passport renewal. I sent my documents to Peterborough who then sent my application to London office, passport arrived today from Liverpool. Fantastic job, now get me on that plane next Friday.



    adult renewal, applied 20th July, would have received it on the 30th if TNT weren’t such a massive waste of space, therefore 10 days I have submitted as my start to finish time.

    In reality, TNT didn’t send it out on the scheduled date and I got differing “reasons” as to why this happened

    – technical issues so the tracking isn’t updated as having left the depot but it will “definitely” be delivered today if it’s booked in (it wasn’t)

    – the driver reached his “maximum 8 legal hours” of driving time so had to return to the depot – (simply not true)

    – passport was never scanned as having left the depot on the specified date

    – my passport has been noted as being a “priority” as wasn’t delivered on the specified date (a further phone call to TNT customer services and the person said no notes on my tracking)

    – TNT can’t offer any specific time slot like other delivery companies as the government delivers a lot of sensitive documents and it would be a security risk apparently to know when my own passport may be delivered to my address

    – if I want to make a complaint about booking a day off work to specifically wait all day for a passport that doesn’t arrive I have to complain to the government- not TNT – (again lies, TNT providing the abysmal service)

    – even though on the TNT passport support section of their website it says you can choose to collect it from a post office instead, you can’t. only option is to choose and stay in on a specific day 8am-8pm.

    My passport came from the Barking, London depot.

    Also if you select a Saturday date for re-delivery – it will accept and confirm your selection but if you then go back to the tracking you will see it is booked for the following Monday – a work colleague has had this exact issue having booked this Saturday off to wait in all day for a passport that will not be coming.

    Overall crap service from TNT. Whereas the passport renewal service was very quick and efficient despite recent media reports.

Viewing 15 posts - 646 through 660 (of 690 total)
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