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    Hi everyone. I applied for my children’s renewals and sent their old passports to Bootle and Durham on 17 September. Haven’t heard anything since they were logged as received on 24 September. What do you guys think? Might I receive them before before our intended date of travel on 21 October?


    I had my child’s renewal application logged on the 4th September and still waiting for confirmation its been approved. It has been delayed by some ridiculous additional requests confirming my parental responsibility, even though this is his 3rd passport with no issues before and no change in circumstances. We travel at the weekend so losing hope now.


    Applied 1st Sept.
    Documents received in Durham 10th sept
    Processing 4th October
    Still nothing!
    Hoping to fly on 23rd October.
    Stressing. I spoke to passport office and they added travel date on and said they would email examiner but still nothing. Please let me know if you get any success?



    Hi Hannah, We’re in the same position as you and due to fly on the 23rd Oct! It’s all very stressful and I despair at the varying responses we get back from the customer service team when we call them (heading towards a dozen calls made!). Last week we were told given the timeline below we are likely to get my sons passport in time to the latest comment this morning stating it may take up to 5 weeks from now!!!!
    We’re not sure how long we can wait now before having to cancel the holiday and loose a small fortune. All we want is a true update and to speak to someone close to the application. The guidance is very misleading and if we had known of the “up to 10 weeks processing time” we would of gone fast track!

    Application being processed 3:10pm on 11 October 2021
    Documents received 3:45pm on 17 September 2021
    Application received 9:33pm on 9 September 2021
    Identity details received 9:32pm on 9 September 2021
    Email sent to person confirming your identity 5:40pm on 8 September 2021
    Ask someone to confirm your identity 5:39pm on 8 September 2021
    Application submitted 5:39pm on 8 September 2021

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    Hi I am in the same situation child renewal status showing application is being processed on 11th and we are due to fly 23october just hope we get it on time. It’s soo stressful the waiting game. Not seen many from Newport though seem to see application from Peterborough are being processed quicker. Any news regarding Newport applications on this?


    Hi I’m same boat as you flying on 23rd wondering if you had any good news?


    Hi, We’re still waiting. Just so annoying there is no flexibility and seem to hit a brick wall each time we make contact!


    I haven’t heard anything yet. Fingers (and toes) still firmly crossed!


    Aguero9320 what additional documents did you send? I talked to the office today but they didn’t know and said that I need to wait until someone will contact me. I don’t want to wait as I don’t have time so would like to send it asap. My son’s application has been “in process ” since 21/09.


    Is anyone now also in the position where the passport has been printed and sent via TNT but TNT keep changing the date on the day of delivery!!! 🤬 first delivery was meant to be on Fri Oct 15th, then on the 15th I tracked and it said Sat 16th I’ve just checked again and now it’s saying Mon 18th. Afterall that waiting to have the carrot dangled and then whipped away is SHAMBOLIC. I’m desperate. Fly on the 23rd…help x


    Hi hope you receive it on time for travelling. Can I please ask which passport office was dealing with your passport as mine is Newport however I haven’t heard anyone commenting about this office .. I’m also travelling on 23rd feeling very stressed!thanks

    holding my breath

    Guys please shed some light
    I am waiting for a child renewal and haven’t heard anything. Please review the time line.

    Application submitted on 20/09
    Documents received on 28/09

    Since then nothing no updates. I’ve called them but hitting a brick wall.

    We are flying out 26/10… the pressure is on really literally I am holding my breath.


    I’ve sent mine to Newport. It’s been “in process ” since 21/09😞😞😞


    Here’s my timeline.

    Reading through hundreds of similar posts here and elsewhere, I’ve often wondered what “processing” means. Some people get it and some don’t. My total guess is it means something needs approving by a more senior checker (or whatever they are called) – maybe the photo is borderline etc.

    Anyway, I’m also very p****d off. I need it so see my family including 4 year old twins as we/they have just emigrated.

    I’m thinking my application might get updated by Friday ?? It will either go approved or “processing”……


    Documents received 10:17am on 1 October 2021
    Application received 7:52pm on 21 September 2021
    Application submitted 7:52pm on 21 September 2021


    Submitted mine and my daughters both for renewals. Sent 20/9 – docs received 24th. No update on either till Friday last week when they were approved and printed / sent. Mine arrived today , my daughters tomorrow. Good luck.

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