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    @gemski91 My documents were just confirmed then that they have been received which is 6 days after it was received by the Durham Office.

    Documents received
    9:02am on 25 June 2020
    Application received
    11:13am on 18 June 2020
    Identity details received
    11:13am on 18 June 2020
    Email sent to person confirming your identity
    10:54am on 18 June 2020
    Ask someone to confirm your identity
    10:47am on 18 June 2020
    Application submitted
    10:47am on 18 June 2020


    Passport Received 24/06/2020 (Blue colour)
    Passport printed and sent 12:12pm on 22 June 2020
    Application approved 8:59pm on 18 June 2020
    Application being processed 11:42am on 28 May 2020
    Documents received 2:32pm on 22 May 2020
    Application received 4:22pm on 16 May 2020
    Identity details received 4:22pm on 16 May 2020
    Email sent to person confirming your identity 2:44pm on 16 May 2020
    Ask someone to confirm your identity 2:32pm on 16 May 2020
    Application submitted 2:32pm on 16 May 2020


    Application history

    Blue Passport received via DHL on 24 June in Surrey, BC, Canada at 3pm

    Passport printed and sent 12:14pm on 22 June 2020
    Application approved 11:02am on 19 June 2020
    Application being processed 7:26am on 21 May 2020
    Documents received 9:23am on 20 May 2020
    Application received 6:25pm on 8 May 2020
    Application submitted 6:25pm on 8 May 2020

    Very happy and thanks to this Forum which kept me sane!



    Thank you for your response! The frustrating thing is it says on the tracking if you have sent documents, check back in 3 days. Well, I am glad you have posted as I would have been checking everyday! Do they text when they confirm documents received?


    @Gemski91 Don’t worry! I was completely the same! Pretty much refreshing my computer every hour whilst at work! I did get a text and an email telling me that they had received my documents. Going by what I think, I believe your documents will show on your account on Monday 29th.

    The message you receive will be :

    We’ve received your documents.
    What happens next
    We’ll check your application and the documents you sent to us. We’ll contact you if we need more information.


    That’s such a great help thank you so much for the heads up! I’ll relax a little hah! I always get paranoid that they won’t know whos docs they are, but all the info is there!


    Hi just wanted to post my timeline as I found this forum super useful when stressing about sons renewal application.

    Application submitted 2nd June
    Application was approved 19th June
    Passport received 24th June.

    Mine also included a delay as my husband sent my sons old passport with his adult renewal to Peterborough, when it needed to go to Durham. Incidentally we rang up the helpline to ask about what would happen with this issue and the passport was approved a few days later.

    My husbands renewal was sent to Peterborough on the same day and he received his within a week.

    Not sure there is any logic to processing etc….

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    Sent my passport off last Friday. They received it on Friday. It was signed for and received by Durham DO. Is that correct?


    I sent my first time Adult passport application after naturalisation in on May 26. I received a text saying they had received it on June 12, 2020. As it was my first adult passport I was not able to do it online and had to post it in. Therefore I am unable to track it online. I have called so many times trying to get an update on where in the process it is. I have travel plans July 26 that I can not change. It is for a family situation not a holiday, however it does not qualify for the compassionate travel options that they seem to still be offering. No idea what to do!


    Renewal of adult passport sent to Durham office.

    Delivery of old passport according to Royal Mail last Friday (19/06) – passport office confirmed delivery yesterday via portal, application accepted and being printed today (26/06). Super quick turn around!


    Application timeline: processing for seven weeks now 😡😱

    Application being processed 11:55am on 6 May 2020
    Documents received 1:30pm on 16 April 2020
    Application received 12:39pm on 28 March 2020
    Application submitted 12:38pm on 28 March 2020



    Have you called them? You submitted near the start of the lockdown stuff, it could have been misplaced?

    Seems the later people submit the quicker the approval?

    Good luck!!


    Hi everyone, i sent a paper application for a child renewal off for my daughter via post office check and send on 19/06, its now been 10 days and still heard nothing, can anyone confirm if you get a notification via text message or email when they receive a paper application via post or do you only get notifications when you apply online? any info would be much appreciated! thanks.


    Hi @yasmine

    Just wondering how your application is going? Mine haven’t shown up on the system yet but yesterday was day 7 so I’m waiting until Friday if nothing then I will phone.


    @Gemski91 I called yesterday and they said it takes a max of 2 weeks to be scanned in. You are 1 day ahead of me so I’m interested in your progress!

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