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    Mine was an adult renewal. Didn’t chase up as mine was needed for ID purposes rather than holiday.
    21 July – online application received
    22 July – old passport received at Glasgow passport office (Royal Mail notification)
    28 July – notification of old passport received by passport office
    28 July – application and photo approved
    30 July – notification that passport had been sent out
    3rd August – new passport received. (Not burgundy)


    Thanks to the team at Glasgow, happy with turn round time given the circumstances.

    Adult renewal.
    Colour: Blue

    Old Passport returned,11 November 2020

    Passport received,9 November 2020
    Passport printed and sent,5 November 2020
    Application approved,4 November 2020
    Application being processed,30 October 2020
    Documents received,23 October 2020 (Royal Mail next day delivery showed signed for 22 October)
    Application received,21 October 2020
    Application submitted,21 October 2020 (Passport mail off the dame day)


    Adult Renewal – v quick turnaround by the Glasgow office 10/11 days in total

    Application history
    Passport Delivered 17 February (Wednesday)
    Passport printed and sent 1:50pm on 15 February 2021 (Monday)
    Application approved 9:47am on 15 February 2021 (Monday)
    Documents received 8:17am on 12 February 2021 (Friday)
    Documents delivered 10 February (Royal Mail notification)
    Old Passport posted 9 February (Tuesday)
    Application received 5:24pm on 7 February 2021
    Application submitted 5:23pm on 7 February 2021 (Sunday)

    Lovely new blue passport

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    Child Renewal – Quick turnaround by the Glasgow office 21 days from application until new passport received

    Application history
    Passport Received 19 August 2021
    Passport printed and sent 1:31pm on 18 August 2021
    Application approved 9:12am on 18 August 2021
    Documents received 9:05am on 3 August 2021
    Old Passport Posted 30 August 2021
    Application received 7:59am on 30 July 2021
    Identity details received 7:59am on 30 July 2021
    Email sent to person confirming your identity 9:43pm on 29 July 2021
    Ask someone to confirm your identity 9:24pm on 29 July 2021
    Application submitted 9:24pm on 29 July 2021


    Just thought I would post an update here… child passport renewal.
    Submitted 6/8/21, confirmed photo and posted same day. Confirmed arrival following day. We needed the passport FAST and I tried everything I could to get them to speed it up but they weren’t having any of it. Yesterday I messaged them on Twitter, I didn’t get a reply but first thing this morning got a notification saying it had been approved. This could just be coincidence but anyone who needs the passport quickly I would say it’s worth messaging them on Twitter as you never know. Just had notification new passport should be arriving this Friday.


    Really grateful to those who posted above, particularly the last two contributions who’ve had a 21 day turnaround on a child renewal, as it gives me hope that the adult renewal we submitted online 8th August (documents [old passport] received 11th August, nothing else changing) may be due for imminent processing.

    Like many I’ve seen on the forum, we checked passports & believed that 12+ months validity was all that was required, not also that the passport would be 3 months short of 10 years old on return. We booked a holiday for later next week, then realised the mistake & sought online renewal via the standard mechanism, not realising (a) there was a possible 10 week turnaround or (b) that we could have paid extra to go fast track.

    If I can’t see the application moving into processing by lunchtime today I’m going to give their help line a call to explain the circumstances, apologise & ask if there’s anything that can be done to prioritise it.


    If I were you I would DM them on Twitter, it could have just been coincidence but soon after I done that I got the ‘approved’ notification. Calling the helpline does nothing at all unless you need to travel for compassionate or urgent medical reasons and can prove it.


    Thanks Charlie8411, grateful for the advice, will do 🙂


    Thanks all for all your help! Relieved to say the passport arrived today, timeline below

    Delivered by UPS ~8:35am on 1st September (Wednesday after BH weekend)
    TNT tracking showed it was scanned & out for delivery 7:01am on 1st September (Wednesday after BH weekend)
    TNT acknowledged they had it for delivery ETA 1st September shortly thereafter (Wednesday after BH weekend)
    Passport printed and sent 10:50am on 31 August 2021 (Tuesday immediately after BH Monday)
    Application approved 12:00pm on 27 August 2021 (Friday before BH weekend)
    Messaged HMPO via Twitter DM 10:41 on 27 August 2021 (Friday before BH weekend)
    Documents received 12:13pm on 11 August 2021 (Wednesday)
    Posted old passport ~12:45pm on 9 August 2021 (Monday)
    Application received 12:05pm on 8 August 2021 (Sunday)
    Application submitted 12:05pm on 8 August 2021 (Sunday)

    So around 24 days end-to-end … I’ve submitted the timings into the website so it should contribute to the accuracy of the algorithm …



    Good afternoon your post is giving me hope 🙏🏼 Do you think contacting them on Twitter helped you ?


    CG41 please can you share what did you write in DM twitter ?

    thank you


    I visited the HM Passorts Office Official site and was going to put in for a quicky renewal. But after reading on there that I should only use that service if ‘You need a passport in the next three weeks’ I went with the standard option. I also consulted this website and it said that the average turnaround was below 20 days for a renewal and I sent off my old passport after filling online application. I live 15 miles from Newport, but I had to send my old passport to Glasgow, what is the sense in that? On the passport tracking system they claim it took 6 days to get there, where it has sat for three weeks with no action. I’m due to travel in two weeks HELP. Niether twitter DM or phoning the ‘Helpline’ has done any good, and the webchat is NEVER open! I am about at the end of my tether.

    Has ANYONE got a direct phone No for the Glasgow office?


    My wife and I decided to renew our passports even though we had 3 1/2 months left but we planned a holiday abroad and my wife read on the PO site that some countries needed 6 months remaining on a PP before leaving the country visited.We had already booked our flights and hire cars and didn’t consider any lengthy delays considering schools had restarted following the summer break.
    We planned to fly out on 15th September which was over 3 weeks away from the time we applied online for renewals.
    That was our first mistake….underestimating renewal delivery times.
    Application history
    Passport printed and sent 5:06pm on 14 September 2021
    Application approved 1:20pm on 13 September 2021
    Documents received 10:15am on 25 August 2021
    Application received 1:41pm on 23 August 2021
    Application submitted 1:41pm on 23 August 2021
    Second mistake was our application method.
    We both applied separately online, using our own different email addresses.
    My renewal went to Glasgow, my wifes went to Liverpool….we should have just used one email address.
    Third mistake. After several frustrating days trying to contact and speak to someone we had to request a call back. We could not pay for fast track or premier service because our application had already been accepted, so any changes to improve speed of delivery were thwarted.
    Just when we thought that the holiday was going to have to be cancelled we both received a message by text and emails, separately, to say the applications were approved and going to print, then delivery. That was on the 13th September….maybe , just maybe we may still salvage our holiday.
    Fourth mistake…passport printed and sent on 14th September by courier with TNT.
    Fifth mistake…we both received seperate notifications that TNT would deliver on 16/09/21 between 0800 and 20000hrs.
    Sixth mistake…..waited in all day….and no delivery.
    Seventh mistake…..UNABLE TO FOLLOW OR CHECK ANY DELIVERY TRACKING. The PO do not update after passing on to the courier in this case TNT and the TNT site did not work and we did not receive any notifications.
    It is now17/09/21 and still no delivery.
    We cannot rebook our flights because we cannot check in without a passport number.
    We dare not book a hire car because we may not have a flight.
    We had planned to take our Covid antigen test kits with us for convenience but cannot purchase without a PP number.
    We cannot book into the destination country tracking form without a passport number.
    BUT TO WHOM….the PO does not answer the phone and TNT customer service and tracking are non-existent.


    Forgot to say….looks like all tel no for PP office are possibly the same number but late in the afternoon on16/09/21 I did get a call back, which I thought I no longer needed since I was expecting ou PPs to be delivered that day.
    That was mistake No.8…..we’re still waiting and it now 17/09/21.
    It’s been a frustrating and very costly experience ….and its STILL NOT OVER!!!


    Sorry for late reply RE: the Twitter DM, I merely politely asked if we were likely to get it in time especially in light of the impact of the BH weekend but mentioning I could see Glasgow turnarounds were ~21 days & therefore I guessed we might be close to the top of the pile.

    I really can’t tell if it made any difference because end-to-end it was 24 days from application to delivery.



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