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    Incase anyone is worried or waiting

    Applied 21st march
    Docs received 6th april
    Passport approved 21st April
    Printed 23rd April
    Received 26th april


    Thanks! I am worried 🙂 I applied 6 April, now it’s been 21 days since, and still not received it. Hopefully like your situation it will be 31 days, or 6-7 May approx. (First child passport)

    Thanks for your information!


    Our first Child timeline below (Peterborough)

    Passport printed 7:05pm on 26 April 2022
    Application approved 11:42am on 23 April 2022
    Documents received 12:12pm on 5 April 2022
    Application received 8:26pm on 20 March 2022

    Tracker seemed to lag behind reality and was slow to update. Also we seemed to skip the dreaded ‘processing’ phase, and just spent 2 weeks on documents received instead. Most applications are probably more advanced than the tracker reveals. Calling 03300123193 was better than the widely published number, but the wait is long 30-60 minutes before speaking to anyone. There is some conflicting info on here about whether the upgrade service is available to 1st child passports, I confirm that it is 🙂

    Good luck everyone!


    Our first child timeline:

    Application submitted on 27th March
    Documents received on 5th April

    We then had to send our marriage certificate to verify names and have had nothing since. This was frustrating because there was no request for this during the application process – we would have sent otherwise.

    We fly on 12th May. Praying that we get the approval this week, otherwise it’s looking unlikely we’ll make our holiday.


    We had to send marriage certificate off too. Ain’t heard anything since as well. Have been upgraded now so fingers crossed but still looking unlikely.


    I was contacted on 3rd April to send my marriage certificate. Sent and they received it on 11th April (as they signed for it), but still haven’t heard anything so they have had the documents over 2 weeks. I fly on 22nd May. How long have people been waiting since sent their marriage certificate? Do you have to wait 10 weeks to upgrade?


    I sent mine on the 5th of April. I check application update and it still says they havent received it. I phoned monday to apply for an upgrade and he said they received and scanned the certificate on monday even though nothing has showed up on the pex update. So strange


    @impatient123 If you contact the passport helpline (if you can get through) today (28/04) as it’s 2 weeks before you travel you may be eligible for an upgrade. You need to email proof of travel & it’s £96 but we’ve had to do that for our Son’s first passport as we travel next week and we applied mid Feb and it wasn’t processing. We have to pick the passport up from our local passport office tomorrow.


    @HL85 I may try that. Do you know the exact phone number to call? Thank you!


    My Daughters First Passport.

    Passport printed 8:11am on 24 April 2022
    Application approved 5:54pm on 20 April 2022
    Documents received 9:04am on 6 April 2022
    Application received 5:34pm on 18 March 2022
    Identity details received 5:33pm on 18 March 2022
    Email sent to person confirming your identity 2:58pm on 16 March 2022
    Ask someone to confirm your identity 2:42pm on 16 March 2022
    Application submitted 2:42pm on 16 March 2022

    Delivered 28 April 2022


    Hi @impatient123

    I called yesterday at this number: 0300 222 0000
    In the menu I pressed 8, then 3 (menu options)
    After that I was in a queue for 10 minutes and some woman answered.

    I told her this:

    I want to expedite my application process for a first child passport. Then she asked me my application number, and a reason. I said, to baptise my child in other country, and I have a ferry boat ticket to France on 7 May 2022.

    She will tell you what you need to do, you have to write an e-mail to the relevant Passport Office, in my case the London team:

    I can’t upload the e-mail I sent because there is no option here, but I can put here my e-mail, and I also attache a PDF of my ferry boat ticket.

    Applicant details:

    Name Surname
    PEX 355 XXX XXXX

    Mobile number: 077XXXXXXXX

    I need a passport expedited for travel on 7 May 2022 for child baptism in other country. We have a ferry ticket for France sailing on 7 May 2022, in the morning. I am willing to pay the surcharge for the expedite option and would greatly appreciate your help.


    @cledan have you heard anything since?
    I have managed to speak to someone. They have my marriage certificate, still needs to be scanned on, and it’s taking 3 weeks, they have had it 3 weeks on Monday, so hopefully it will be scanned on soon. Will the passport be sent soon after? I’m flying 22nd May so I go in 3 weeks


    @lucyweb27 they were suppose to get back to me today. Ive been dealing with Liverpool Upgrade, then at 2pm Newport upgrade emailed me asking if my partner (who applied for the initial application of my daughter) could contact them. We did that. But havent heard anything since. My birtb certificate was sent on 6th april but they did t receive it till the 25th. My application update has t been refreshed as well. Not looking likely we will be going on holidays on Wednesday!


    @Cledan sorry it keeps telling me that you’ve replied, but I can’t see it



    Liverpool requested my marriage certificate, they never acknowledged receipt of it (although I know it was delivered) 8 days after they received it my child’s passport was approved so they don’t always acknowledge receipt of the other documents requested.
    All in it took 37 days from application to receipt of passport – including sending more documents.

    Just wanted to advise of my timeline.
    Hope you manage to get it soon!

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