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    I have been keeping an eye on this forum since i submitted my daughters first passport application.

    Current timeline is below. I had a moan on twitter but that hasn’t got me anywhere. Just the standard reply saying that they can’t give me a time frame as to when the application will be approved.

    Application history

    Application being processed 11:22am on 8 April 2020
    Documents received 8:01am on 8 April 2020
    Application received 9:46pm on 23 March 2020

    This is being handled by the Peterborough office.

    Seems as if child first passports are being placed at the bottom in terms of priority.


    My timeline

    Application approved 2:17pm on 4 June 2020
    Documents received 12:54pm on 3 June 2020
    Application received 8:40pm on 27 May 2020
    Application submitted 8:39pm on 27 May 2020

    Now just the excitement of seeing whether I get in burgundy or blue!


    Got mine today! Standard replacement. Doc submitted 6.5.20, approved 01.06.20 and delivered today!

    Grantham Traveller

    My standard renewal application to Peterborough is now completed:

    Application made: 28 April
    Old passport received at Peterborough: 29 April
    Application being processed: 12 May
    Application approved: 3 June
    Passport printed and sent: 4 June

    Obviously I have to wait for it to arrive now, but as far as I can see processing time has reduced to about three weeks. Once approved it seems to be by the next working day that the passport is printed and sent out. It would seem that another 2-3 days elapse before delivery.


    Applied for my newborns first passport. Submitted to Peterborough office.

    Travel booked for early July so hopeful that the passport will be approved by then.

    Timeline so far:

    Application being processed 1 May 2020
    Documents received. 24 April 2020
    Application received. 18 April 2020
    Identity details received 18 April 2020
    Email sent to person confirming your identity 18 April 2020
    Ask someone to confirm your identity 18 April 2020
    Application submitted 18 April 2020


    Well the kids passports were meant to be delivered today by TNT…they’ve only gone and delivered them elsewhere. TNT customer service don’t seem to give a hoot. Been trawling through google street view to try and find the door to the house it was delivered to.

    Good luck getting a decent service from TNT their reviews are so shockingly poor.


    Application for replacement passport

    Passport printed and sent 4 June 2020
    Application approved 4 June 2020
    Application being processed 29 May 2020
    Identity details received 28 May 2020
    Email sent to person confirming your identity 28 May 2020
    Ask someone to confirm your identity 28 May 2020
    Application submitted 28 May 2020


    This application was fro two adult passport renewals.

    We visited the post office and paid the extra to have the check and send service,
    I was advised this would speed things up with the application.

    My renewal was straight forward, no name changes in the past. My wife also applied at the exact same time for an adult renewal. She has had two or three previous names changes in the past, not sure why this is why hers has only been marked as received?

    i was also informed that the reason the passports go to various locations, is in fact to do with what type of passport that is being applied for, 1st Passport, Child etc etc

    My Application history

    Passport received: 4th June 2020
    Passport printed and sent:11:57am on 3 June 2020
    Application approved 1:11pm on 2 June 2020
    Documents received 1:10pm on 2 June 2020
    Application received 2:20pm on 1 June 2020
    Application submitted 2:20pm on 1 June 2020

    My wifes application (as it stands at 22:45pm 04/06/20)
    Documents received 12:47 pm 3 June 2020
    Application received 2:20 pm 1 June 2020
    Application submitted 2:20 pm 1 June 2020


    I have read previous posts of people using twitter to make contact with the passport office. Could anyone share the twitter handle that they have used to reach HMP offices? Been waiting since March and ‘processing’ since early May. Thanks in advance

    Stephen S

    This seems to be a shambles to me where some people are being dealt with within ‘days’ and others (like myself) have been waiting 3+ months, including 5 weeks in processing. Tried e-mailing HMPO but just received a generic response saying basically ‘nothing’ of any sense.

    Why can no one at the top of HMPO come out and just explain these inconsistencies and what is really going on. I am about to lose my Consultancy in Malaysia as cannot renew Employment Pass without valid Passport.

    May be Overseas Applications (I am living in Austria when not working in Malaysia) are put to the bottom of the pile and all new Applications are piled on top?


    wow you must pay the super fast package to make your passport…got it within few days


    you can request urgent application if you can provide evidence to HMPO



    Just had my passport approved by Durham last night. Got the text at 9pm. Adult replacement (lost passport). Says they’ll text me when it’s ready to be dispatched. Good luck all.

    (I applied due to living abroad and having lost my passport – need to get back but currently residing in the U.K.)
    Application approved 9:00pm on 4 June 2020
    Application being processed 2:27pm on 11 May 2020
    Documents received 7:59am on 28 April 2020
    Application received 5:12pm on 20 April 2020
    Application submitted 5:11pm on 20 April 2020

    Grantham Traveller

    Does anyone know if passports that have been printed and sent can be tracked through a courier? This information isn’t apparent anywhere, including the Passport Office email that told me my new passport is on its way.

    I’ve found some references to TNT being involved but my application number (PAN) doesn’t work on their tracking site. I’m not concerned – I’d just like to know which day it’s going to come, and whether I need to be around to receive it.

    Has anyone else managed to track their delivery?


    My application was sent to Durham. Here’s my latest update. This is for an Adult renewal. Royal Mail confirmed the old passport was received to their office on 1st June.

    Documents received 12:41pm on 5 June 2020
    Application received 1:31pm on 28 May 2020
    Application submitted 1:31pm on 28 May 2020

    (There was a Bank Holiday Monday which may have caused a slight delay).

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