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    @ao234 girl told me today most offices are working 7 days a week


    Did you get through to complaints on the phone? I’m waiting for a call from them but have t heard back.


    Great, thanks


    Yeah i asked to be transfered and was put straight through no callbacks and no delays.


    After a desperate time, thinking the baby and I would have to stay behind while the rest of the family went on holiday without us, baby’s passport arrived today. Contacting my MP was very effective. Would it have been processed in time anyway, i’ll never know..

    Passport received 26 June
    Passport printed and sent 11:33am on 24 June 2020
    Application approved 8:12pm on 22 June 2020
    *Messaged MP, asking help* 17th June
    *Messaged on Twitter, to get standard response..* 15th June
    Application being processed 1:23pm on 27 May 2020
    Documents received 12:40pm on 26 May 2020
    Application received 10:43am on 21 May 2020
    Identity details received 10:43am on 21 May 2020
    Email sent to person confirming your identity 9:52am on 21 May 2020
    Ask someone to confirm your identity 9:49am on 21 May 2020
    Application submitted 9:49am on 21 May 2020


    Hats which office was this do you know? I’ve contact my MP last night too so fingers crossed!


    Adult paper renewal with name change using the post office check and send service.

    Application sent along with docs 21st May
    Confirmed by Passport Office received via text on 1st June
    Confirmed new passport printed via text 23rd June
    Delivered via TNT today 26th June.


    It was Newport MrsM


    Thank you! My sons is there so that gives me hope! Enjoy your holiday


    I know the passport offices are open over the weekend, but has anyone noticed if applications are actually approved on a Saturday or Sunday?


    I wish i’d have read this forum last week!

    Familiar story, booked a holiday in December last year for August this year. Thought for sure it would be cancelled, until last week when we started hearing about travel corridors. So looks like our flight to Turkey 01 August may be on.

    Submitted via paper form Check and Send at the Post Office on Wednesday 24 June. We only have the 9 digit code, so can’t even track it online yet.

    I see today the average wait time for a childs first passport is 37 days. From when we submitted it to our flight date is… 37 days!
    We think it’s gone to the Liverpool office. I am not hopeful, at all.

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    Does anyone know how they post the completed passports to us?? Also do they deliver on a Sunday ??


    Hi everyone,

    Has anyone got any idea how long it takes to have the passport printed and sent once you have been approved at all?

    Good luck everyone!

    Surely if Boris announces air bridges on Monday, they will be forced to get some staff back in the offices. Fingers crossed for everyone.



    @Hats Can I ask what you emailed/ how you worded your email to your MP as I think I may try this too. We initially had a holiday booked for 20th July, but after seeing how long passports are taking to process, we looked at changing our holiday to next year. However this would cost nearly £800 more! We have now changed the date to the end of August instead and hope the passport will have been completed by then. It is a child’s first passport we are waiting for and submitted our application on 23rd May. Not as long as some people have been waiting but still stressful not knowing if it will make it in time or not


    Hi everyone, i sent a paper application for a child renewal off for my daughter via post office check and send on 19/06, its now been 10 days and still heard nothing, can anyone confirm if you get a notification via text message or email when they receive a paper application via post or do you only get notifications when you apply online? any info would be much appreciated! thanks.

Viewing 15 posts - 391 through 405 (of 690 total)
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