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    Applied paper form
    Standard adult renewal
    Sent to peterborough office

    Application submitted 15th april
    Arrived at the office 30th april
    Processing 4th may
    Print and sent 25th june
    Received 30th june

    Total 8 weeks from processing to approved

    Called them many times and on twitter



    I’m in a similar boat to you where my passport was approved on Sat eve but waiting for it to be delivered, how long did it take for TNT to notify you it was being delivered?


    My child renewal
    Has been approved but not printed is this normal ?


    Does anyone have any insight as to how to track your passport’s delivery once it has been printed? I am overseas and assume it is coming via DHL but haven’t been given a tracking number


    So relieved passport has been approved just waiting for it to be printed and sent now, adult replacement, applied 16th may started being processed 18th may went to examinor 25th june approved 30th June


    Child’s first passport application.

    Passport delivered 29 June
    Passport printed and sent 26 June
    Application approved 25 June
    New photo received 25 June
    Photo rejected on 24 June
    Application being processed 28 May
    Documents received 21 May
    Application received 17 May
    Identity details received 17 May
    Ask someone to confirm your identity 17 May
    Application submitted. 17 May

    Total time: 43 days


    There are a lot of replies about passport renewal and first time applications, but does anyone have experience applying for a passport after losing it? My friend lost her passport last year and only applied for a new one a few days ago, we’re meant to be going on holiday on the 27th August. Does anyone have experience with how long this takes compared to other types of application?


    My application, sent to Durham. Adult renewal:

    Passport arrived today 01/07/20.

    Reason for delay was TNT kept going to a similarly named street. I had to make a complaint to have it arrive. Doesn’t really matter as my holiday has been cancelled. 😂

    Passport printed and sent 9:35am on 10 June 2020
    Application approved 10:49am on 9 June 2020
    Documents received 12:41pm on 5 June 2020
    Application received 1:31pm on 28 May 2020
    Application submitted 1:31pm on 28 May 2020


    Mine was a replacement as my dog decided to eat mine, started process on the 18th may and approved on 30th June


    @jamouse guessing readings not a strong point for you fella, application was submitted on the 3rd… thanks for letting me know we have left it late tho really constructive….course being self employed and my wife being cabin crew so on our ass during the pandemic…please forgive us for letting it slip our mind….your right some have waited 100 days some have waited 14 doesnt make it right, completely understandable if every single persons application is held up but to have no consistency is a shambles


    First Child Passport Application :

    (Contacted my local MP the morning of the 1 July 2020 – They got back to me within 30 minutes letting me know they have emailed the passport office.)

    Application approved
    12:38pm on 1 July 2020
    Application being processed
    12:53pm on 25 June 2020
    Documents received
    9:02am on 25 June 2020
    Application received
    11:13am on 18 June 2020
    Identity details received
    11:13am on 18 June 2020
    Email sent to person confirming your identity
    10:54am on 18 June 2020
    Ask someone to confirm your identity
    10:47am on 18 June 2020
    Application submitted
    10:47am on 18 June 2020


    @wittcomb – its all good and well submitting your application on the 3rd but if the passport office are still waiting for your supporting documentation nothings getting done. Your documents weren’t received until 11th June and subsequently your application didn’t move to ‘Application being processed’ until the 12th June.

    Its very good of you to raise the issue of other people affected by long wait times with your MP – i’m sure people affected by long wait times will be grateful. Perhaps forward planning might be something you can look to improve going forward.


    Just had a text and email to say my first child’s passport has been approved, just waiting for it to be printed. Sent to Durham, and been in processing since 10th June after receiving application on the 27th May.


    I just received a text to say that my adult renewal (sent to Durham) has been approved!!
    Started to process after receiving documents on the 1st June so 1 month in total.
    I did use twitter as well a few times to chase them so wondering if that did help?
    Major relief for me now just waiting to receive it!!
    Good luck to all those still waiting, hope you get some success soon


    @jamouse sent my docs same day and were received the day after fella… thanks for the advice maybe you could work on picture taking skills moving forward

Viewing 15 posts - 421 through 435 (of 690 total)
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