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    You have to speak to complaints first as they then send you a email with reference number on it and you have to reply to that with the proof


    Last one approved today thank god so after speaking to complaints on Friday all have been approved since 2 Saturday and 2 today printed and sent


    Thank you! Presumably you are put through Complaints once you get to speak to someone on 0300 222 0000?

    I am still waiting for the callback and keep calling trying to get through…


    Yes that’s the one I found around 9 am in the morning is quiet plus complaints don’t open till 9


    It’s really awful to hear of the delays and problems that some of you are having, I did however promise an update on my application.

    I completed my online application a week yesterday, and I have now had an email (Last night) saying that it is in the post….. (well has been sent by secure delivery) So I can expect to receive it Today or tomorrow. I hope that others have some good luck too.


    Adult passport renewal (from UK, sent to Durham Passport Office)

    Posted passport 25th June 2020 by tracked post, signed for on 16th June 2020
    Acknowledged passport received 3rd July 2020
    Application approved 6th July
    Passport posted 7th July 2020
    Arrived via recorded delivery (signed for) 9th July 2020


    Well I’m not sure if it’s a coincidence (probably not) but after calling yesterday and still waiting for a callback from complaints, my husband and my adult renewals, and our baby’s first passport have just been approved!
    This is our progress up to now:

    Application approved 10:01am on 14 July 2020
    (Phone call to ask for complaints callback 13th July)
    Application being processed 7:44am on 25 June 2020
    Documents received 12:35pm on 23 June 2020 (but signed for 16th June)
    Application received 7:05pm on 12 June 2020
    Application submitted 7:05pm on 12 June 2020

    Not celebrating until they’re in our hands but thanks to all for your support and advice. Wishing everyone still waiting the best of luck!


    Finally got my approval! This was a first adult passport application from overseas (USA) sent to the Durham office. Full timeline below (Added a few additional items):

    Application approved 8:50am on 14 July 2020
    Additional documentation signed for 2 July 2020
    Additional documentation posted 30 June 2020
    Email requesting additional documentation 26 June 2020
    Application being processed 7:35am on 26 May 2020
    Documents received 11:12am on 22 May 2020
    Documents signed for 18 May 2020
    Posted documents 15 May 2020
    Application received 7:13pm on 14 May 2020
    Identity details received 7:13pm on 14 May 2020
    Email sent to person confirming your identity 5:33pm on 14 May 2020
    Ask someone to confirm your identity 5:28pm on 14 May 2020
    Application submitted 5:28pm on 14 May 2020

    Does anyone know how long it takes to post overseas? They use DHL right? Just worried I won’t be in when it gets here as I’ll be away from 15-20 July.

    Also did not need an interview for a first UK passport (never had one before – only a USA one). Pretty happy this only took 2 months given the circumstances – good luck everyone!


    My adult renewal, done at Durham, was applied for on 20 June, approved on Thursday 9 July, and was received today (blue).

    My son’s first passport (child) was approved today at Peterborough, so should come in the next week or so. Applied at the same time.

    Thankfully, we do not go away until mid-August (family wedding), but I had put off applying (when I finally realised it may actually be going ahead) due to the message on the passport office website. I was concerned if left it too late, but actually, things seem much better than they were a few weeks ago.

    We did the online application with mobile phone photos with no problems.

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    So an update from last week.

    (Application submitted and received on Monday 6th July, passport delivered on Tuesday 7th July, nothing heard since)

    Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th – Sent various tweets and emails (including to my MP)

    Monday 13th July – Nothing

    Tuesday 14th July – Nothing
    Tuesday 14th July – 3pm called the passport advice line (0300 222 0000) and asked to make a complaint. Spoke to a really helpful man who took my details and said that he would follow up my application with Durham. I also had to email him proof that my travel plans had been booked before March (they were booked in January) 2020.

    Waiting anxiously, but trying to remain hopeful @Mattw11 your experience gives me hope.


    I done the same and spoke to a Paul in complaints Friday all 4 passports prossessed and posted since then


    Can anyone help me? I applied end of may for 2 child renewals. After lots of chasing and tweets and finally contacting my MP they got changed to passport is on its way on Saturday. The complaints department gave me a call back today(from Tuesday)and told me it’s been sent I explained that I have had no message to give tracking with TNT she then put me on hold and came back with two tracking numbers. I checked them and they are not showing up, the passport office basically then washed their hands of it as she said as far as she could see they had been sent. I then spent nearly two hours trying to get through to TNT with no luck. The numbers are still not tracking and I’m at my wits end as we are due to fly to Spain on wed to see my poorly father in law who has not seen anyone since Spain locked down in March. I really just don’t know where to go from here. Do TNT always send a message/tracking info etc or will they just randomly turn up?


    @jennylee I had my daughter’s renewal listed as sent 09/07, received on 13/07 with no tracking given. Hopefully yours will be the same.

    I’m now going through the same with my son’s adult renewal


    I’m waiting on mine posted Saturday should be here tommorow same
    No tracking info


    Ive applied for x2 new children’s passports. I posted them at the post office on 6th July & haven’t heard anything back yet. Has anyone posted theirs around this date and received confirmation of receipt? Panicking as we are due to go abroad mid August.

Viewing 15 posts - 496 through 510 (of 690 total)
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